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  1. Smeggers

    Book Review Hitler's Artillery 1939-1945 Images of War series

    Hans Seidler is an enthusiastic collector of WW2 memorabilia and an authority on German formations and equipment. He has many titles in print with Pen & Sword's Images of War series including; Hitler's Tank Killer - Stürmgeschutze at War 1940-1945, Battle of Kursk, Luftwaffe Flak & Field...
  2. B

    Royal artillery logistics

    Many years ago back in 2008 I completed the artillery logistics L4 course at DM school Bovington. As part of this course there was an award (can’t remember if it was nvq or c&g or simaler) in the fundamentals of motor vehicle mechanics. I am trying to get a replacement cert from the awarding...
  3. UN Cyprus 2005

    UN Cyprus 2005

    Peace Keeping Force (Gunners)
  4. Demos-bday-xmaspary 105.jpg

    Demos-bday-xmaspary 105.jpg

    Christmas in Iraq December 2006
  5. A

    Take home pay - Commando Artillery

    Hey guys I’m a Corporal in the Australian Army as a Forward Observer in Artillery. As the ADF Pay Scales are a bit confusing, the UK Armed Forces Pay Scales are also. I’m trying to gauge the total take home Salary for an Artillery Observer in the Army Commados. With lateral transfers I...
  6. Captain_Crusty

    Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars - A Concise Dictionary 1792 - 1815

    Kevin F Kiley is a retired US Marine Corps artillery officer who has written a number of other books on Napoleonic artillery and generals. This book, though, is his magnus opus. It is exactly what it says on the cover - a dictionary of everything you need to know about the artillery during the...
  7. X


    What do 19 regiment royal artillery actually do ? I need to find out ASAP but I can’t find anything online other than the actual army site.
  8. Solitaire97

    Ceremonial Gunner

    After looking at job roles I have decided that I would like to know more about the role and purpose of Ceremonial Gunners (CG) with the idea of applying for the role. The Army's recruitment website doesn't provide a huge amount of info on what they actually do on a day to day basis and if they...
  9. Captain_Crusty

    Gunners in Normandy

    'Gunners in Normandy' is the official account of the Royal Artillery on the Normandy Campaign. It is the latest volume in the 'Blue Book' series of histories of the Royal Regiment begun by General Farndale in the 90s. It had a torturous route to publication; tragically Will Townend, the...
  10. T

    Help With Artillery Shell markings Please. 1951

    If there is anyone who can help with information as to the markings on this shell casing I would be extremely grateful. I’ve uploaded a picture. Dated 1951 “Pool Store” marking “ECC” manufacturer Listed as 3” 70 Cal Crows foot Lot 5 NoEX D2(L)6168. /SK/873 Thank you
  11. Trilby

    Help please in identifying an inert/training round - possibly WW2 era

    I'd very much appreciate any information about these pieces. I have always taken it that they were drill rounds. They have no markings of any kind that I could see and I rather lazily assumed that they were for the 40mm Bofors. However I notice that they are not 'necked' in any way unlike other...
  12. Captain_Crusty

    M65 Atomic Cannon: rare photographs from wartime archives

    At the end of the 1940s, the USA wanted an artillery piece that could deliver an atomic warhead. The M65, a 280mm cannon, was developed that could throw a W-9 15 kiloton nuclear warhead or a conventional 275kg high explosive warhead 20 miles. The first version was completed in 1951 and on 24th...
  13. J

    Royal engineers or artillery?

    Okay so im on the army reserves while i finish my level 2 diploma in bricklaying and my gcse maths in college, I want to go full time bit can't decide wether as a sapprt or Gunner, it makes sense that because I'm already learning a trade that I just want to do a different role but it also makes...
  14. C


    19yo female recently been looking into roles so I’m prepared when I visit the Army centre and know roughly what regiment I’m aiming to work towards. Read over The British Army website and other sources mulitiple times but can’t seem to find clear answers to my questions so here I am. Cut a long...
  15. Daz

    Reference Image Guns and Tows - for all WW2 artillery and their towing vehicles

    At @SPROCKET321 request, a thread dedicated to all field artillery and their towing vehicles
  16. C

    2 WWI British 6 Pound Artillery Casing Marking Identification

    I have 2 British 6 pound casings. I was wondering what all of the symbols meant. More importantly the Anchor and the "B, Crow Foot, number" on each. Below is what I have been able to find out with some research: 6 PR: 6 pounder artillery shell Roman numeral III: Mark III (3) casing (What is a...
  17. Captain_Crusty

    Gunfire! British Artillery in World War II

    Stig Moberg served for many years as a Reservist artillery officer in Sweden. In the early 2000s he was prompted to choose the Royal Artillery in World War Two as the subject of a book after discovering how many archives were available in the UK. He published the book in Swedish originally and...
  18. C

    want to transfer regiment (artillery)

    does anyone still serving or who has recently left the artillery know which is best regiment within wiltshire, currently in 1st RHA and it is shit, don't want to sign off yet but i don't want to spend anymore time in this regiment as i've been here 4 years and have not enjoyed 1 day. was...
  19. MoleBath

    Allenby's Gunners . Artillery in the Sinai & Palestine Campaigns

    The Sinai and Palestine campaigns of 1916-1918 are well off the general knowledge radar screen , the coming Armistice celebration and recent media coverage has been western front orientated. The Lawrence of Arabia film is well in the past and the Middle East resounds to more recent fighting...
  20. T

    Reserve to regs

    Hi, I’ve been in the infantry reserve for little over a year now and was wondering if anyone has any info on transferring to regs I.e. how much training I will need to do if any... looking at joining artillery of that makes any difference? Any info appreciated
  21. dannytreb93

    Pirbright selection dates 2017

    Hey guys.. Anyone at Pirbright for selection 26th - 28th April?
  22. 1

    route to 7 para RHA

    hi I'm 16 years old and have just passed my medical. I'm hoping to go to afc Harrogate for the September long course with the RA cap badge. my goal is to become an observer in 7 para RHA and was wondering if anyone could give me tips on the best route and process of getting into that regiment...
  23. T

    RA - OP/FST

    Cheers for reading this post. With the reform of Army 2020 My TA unit are going back to guns, this means that there will be a chance to go into: CP, OP and the Gun line - From what i've gathered. Coming from a Rifles Btn originally the OP side of things seems to be mostly up my street as I'm a...
  24. T

    Light gunner or observation?

    Instead of going cavalry, I'm going to the gunfuckers, min issue is which role, I've got my eyes set on light gunner or observer. Could I have some advice on this and also could I change if I wanted to?
  25. Andre72

    Polish Armed Forces

    34th. Armoured Cavalry Brigade from Żagań, Poland during their first tactical exercise, this year.
  26. J

    Another on eyesight

    I know there are other threads out there but I would like someone to confirm this for me My eyesight sits at Right +4.75sph -2.50cyl 17.5 axis aided 6/6+ Left +7.50sph -3.00cyl 160 axis aided 6/7.5+ Im looking at RA but if theres anywhere I can join it would be apreciated to...