1. untallguy

    Arnhem: The Complete Story of Operation Market Garden 17-25 September 1944

    Arnhem by William F. Buckingham is an in-depth history of Operation Market Garden. The operation is well-placed in its context and the author describes it well. Buckingham knows his business and given that he lectures in history at the University of Glasgow, I’d expect him to! He has retold...
  2. I

    And in other Para News

    This sad milestone was reached Spalding’s last man of Arnhem dies
  3. WargasmNow

    The Missing - A New Arnhem Book

    Not sure if this is this best forum to start this thread, but I'm helping to gather as much information as possible, including photographs, of missing servicemen from the battle of Arnhem in September 1944. The total number of missing is 416. The result will be a Roll of Honour (RoH) for those...