1. B

    Army or Navy as a Medical Officer?

    So basically, I'm at an impasse. Going to go to uni to study medicine and I want to join HM Armed Forces as an MO via a cadetship. RAF ruled out because of various reasons : less chance for deployment, less postings etc. But aspects of the Army and Navy appeal to me. For the Army it's mainly...
  2. W

    EWSI or power engineer

    I have my assessment centre in about a month and I’m pretty split between these 2 roles of electronic warfare and power engineer I know the quals for power engineer are pretty great. However when in the army is the trade experience any decent? I’m also wondering the same about EW and what the...
  3. BigDavesBigToe

    Paras Rct Training Field Ex

    Just a quick question from your experience whats the worst ex in Rct training and why? Furthermore how long are the Exs I herd final ex was 3 weeks long is that true?
  4. V

    Medical records

    Hi, I know this is most likely a pointless thread but I’m lost for answers. I’ve applied to join the the army for over a year now and I cannot attend my assessment centre due to not being able to get my medical records. I have asked my GP for them for months and months on end but I’m being...
  5. Chickenfry

    Anyone know a geezer? If you don't you just haven't noticed XD

    Hey does anyone know a person in the british army who has both ADHD and Mild autism...... I'm just wondering as I need to make a appeal and don't want to waste my ******* time. I had a message from the paras main email address saying that a SGT knew someone with both ADHD and Mild autism and...
  6. R

    Is Attending AFC Harrogate worth it or should i attend college?

    I’m just about to turn 16 this august and planning on going to Harrogate to join the Royal Medical Corps but i was wondering if it’s worth joining at the age? I’m just scared that when i do leave the army i won’t have any good qualifications to get a decent paying job on civvie street but i...
  7. 2

    Another AOSB Mong

    Signing in first time, read all the failure threads and now I get to contribute. Intent: - Figure out how to overcome my perceived failures (as awaiting report.) - Figure out how to prepare for next time - Advice on how to frame my mindset prior to attending a second time. I haven't received...
  8. F

    RAF(R) and AR

    Good evening, I am starting a degree in Paramedic Science (BSc) and towards the end, I wish to join the reserves as a medic alongside a role in the NHS. I'm aware multiple people do this. I want to focus more on being a flight medic and going down that route rather than being a combat medic. My...
  9. K

    Passing assessment with Bmi of 32,but fit enough to pass all assessment Center day tasks. Will I still pass?

    Basically I have my assessment Center in 2weeks time I’m worried I won’t get in because of my Bmi I’m 21 years old I’m a male my Bmi is 32 with 105cm waist My fitness is up to scratch and I’m a rejoiner so I’m 100% sure fitness wise I’ll have no problems with and will continue to do my...
  10. J

    PTI Officer. Can you wear cross swords

  11. X


    What do 19 regiment royal artillery actually do ? I need to find out ASAP but I can’t find anything online other than the actual army site.
  12. R

    Life as an armoured tank officer

    Can someone give me an insight into life as a armoured corps officer preferably a tank officer and what they do on a day to day basis. Do they have a lot of paperwork to do?
  13. C

    Gastric sleeve surgery

    Hi, I have recently just had gastric sleeve surgery, already lost over 100lbs. I am hoping to join the army in a couple of years. I was wondering if anyone has joined the army after having gastric sleeve. It looks like it is classed as a P8 saying that medical check ups are needed which is not...
  14. O

    Army sword identification

    Hi all, I was recently going through some stuff of a relative and im pretty sure I’ve found a british army ceremonial sword. I do have British army background but I am unsure which regiment this sword is from. I’ve searched everywhere, I just can’t seem to find what regiment this sword...
  15. X

    HELP !!

    So I’m currently in my basic training getting ready to start phase 2 in the RAC, there’s two regiments I’ve been looking at but I can’t choose which one I prefer. The royal tank regiment and the kings royal hussars. I’ve researched and I can’t really find any differences between the two. Can...
  16. E

    Can a Nigerian join the UK army through commonwealth?

    Hello everyone, I’m Nigerian by nationality and I would like to ask if I can join the uk army? If yes, I need to know the process and what I’ll need
  17. L

    2011 Phase One Basic vs 2021 Phase One Basic

    Hello, Did my training back in 2011 left in 2014 (Discharged for bad conduct) was young naive, immature and f'd up a few times. Anyway signing back up 7 years later and was wondering how basic training has evolved over 10 years. I went to ATR Bassingbourn in 2011, I believe i will go to...
  18. S

    Toys for the Boys

    Not one to miss out on a Cummings bandwagon, the Defence Secretary has promised to “embed technology through out the army”. Never mind that the Army’s tanks and IFVs are obsolescent, it’s infantry under-motorised, it’s tube and rocket artillery out-gunned, its brigades undermanned and its...
  19. S

    Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

    I'm hoping for some general advice here on what to do about long term sports events (with specific reference to the Talisker Whisky Challenge) and having time off work. I'm currently doing a medical degree so 2 to 4 months away from that is not feasible which leaves the next possible time during...
  20. Kash_Tendies

    Anyone know what kit is actually issued now?

    So I’m starting phase 1 training in a few days and I was curious what kit is actually issued to recruits now? I’ve looked around for a comprehensive list which is up to date but came up short. Do they issue the little things like boot polish and polish kits? I’ve been watching some videos of...
  21. Kash_Tendies

    Anyone recommend any kit items for Training?

    So I know this sort of thread gets posted a lot but I start phase 1 in a few weeks and I was hoping some of you could give me some advice on miscellaneous kit I might want to bring. so I’ve got all the items listed on the official army kit list I.e. wash kit, towels, boot polish kit etc. and...
  22. L


    I am 16 years old and next year I am wanting to join the army. However my current physical state is not the best! At this point my 2Km run is 11:15. By this time next year I would like to get it down to 8:00, if that is possible. I am asking for help for a routine or any type of help. Thanks
  23. A

    Advice on assessment running

    Hi everyone I just joined the reserves and I will soon have my assessment. I know the required run is now 1.2 miles (2k) in 11 mins 15 seconds. I have done two practice runs so far and walked for around 3 minutes of it making my run time around 15 minutes. The reason I feel like I need to stop...
  24. I

    need help answering a question my recruiter couldnt!!

    im joining the army as infantry in august, i was told i could join the paras or 'request' to move after my training to do the para course is this accurate because im confused? and my recruiter is no help.
  25. A

    Growth Hornone

    Hi Not in the forces, just quick couple of questions. 1 Does the CDT pick up Growth Hormone? 2 At what part of the selection process does the military drugs test a candidate? Regards Andi
  26. M

    Are 4 PARA respected?

    Hi Guys, I was considering joining 4 PARA as it seemed like a really good challenge and much harder than the other reserves (except RMR) to gain entry but I was wondering as an ex regular we use to give the TA a hard time and didn’t really respect them to much back in the earlier 2000’s. Just...
  27. JKim97

    FITNESS PROGRAM! advanced - intermediate...

    Hi all :) I'm new here so please bare with my questions as some stuff I will know but looking for a bit more advice. I am an ex navy submariner and left the navy about 2 years ago due to personal reasons. I'm looking at joining back up but I want to go for the Paras. I haven't applied yet...
  28. M

    Need Student Nurse Information!

    I’m looking for more information on the life of army nurses as there’s not a lot of current information online. I finished the Public Services btec diploma last year and have always wanted to join a service, I’ve applied and got into the police but having second thoughts so have been looking...
  29. R

    Guards Officer

    Good day to you all, I am currently in the proccess of applying for an army scholarship, my Medical report has just been recieved by my CSM, and i would like to know about how likely it is that i will get into the regiment I want to. My top choice is the grenadier guards, followed by the scots...
  30. L

    Army Medical Appeal

    Basically, Long-Story Short: I Applied for the British Army “April 2019” & Was Formally rejected “June 12th 2019” - Due to “2 or more episodes of Anxiety” I was a young carer for my family member & I went to my GP to get some help for him and some support for myself handling this situation...
  31. Screenshot 2019-09-25 at 15.37.07.png

    Screenshot 2019-09-25 at 15.37.07.png

    Does anyone know why this has shoulder pads?
  32. W

    Education Assessment

    Hello all, Am currently looking into the process from Soldier to Officer. I don't have the required GCSE's and will need to sit the educational assessment, would anybody have experience of going down this route and/or has sat the assessment and can tell me what it entails? Thanks!
  33. Auld-Yin

    Prince Albert: The Man Who Saved the Monarchy

    Review by Metellus Cimber II Most people like to think that they know the basic facts about the Prince Consort's life. The younger son of the Duke of a comic-opera German State about the size of Staffordshire, Prince Albert married the Queen of the greatest empire that the world had yet seen...
  34. C

    Early posting application

    Hi, Is it possible to put in a ppp early to move units before my time due to being mistreated ? I put in a service complaint a couple of months ago, but it got chinned off due to the service person leaving, and they basically said forget about it and get on with it. I’ve been to welfare, the...
  35. Noob1

    Joining as a chef basic training questions

    I have recently completed my AC in Scotland and got my start date for phase 1 basic training in pirbright starting on the 8th of September. My job role is a chef in the rlc and wondered if they taught you how to drive/ helped you get your driving licence in basic training like other job roles...
  36. Johnnhoj

    Undiagnosed Asthma

    A good friend of mine has been in the Army Reserve for a number of years. In recent times particularly in the night times he has informed me that he has suffered with wheezing and shortage of breath. This is particularly in the summer months where the pollen count is higher than the norm, in...
  37. O

    Dog Handler Board Interview Advice

    Hello, First time using this site. I have my board interview this Thursday. Iv been struggling to find information on the RAVC and where they are deployed currently etc. Also anyone got any tips on the board interview? Thanks in advance!
  38. W

    Pirbright assessment centre 2019

    Hello this is just a thread to share knowledge about the new physical tests in the assesment centre and for sharing help on the cognitive test and the technical selection test.
  39. J

    Royal engineers or artillery?

    Okay so im on the army reserves while i finish my level 2 diploma in bricklaying and my gcse maths in college, I want to go full time bit can't decide wether as a sapprt or Gunner, it makes sense that because I'm already learning a trade that I just want to do a different role but it also makes...
  40. A

    Army v's RAF Rugby

    Details of the Army v's RAF Rugby matches next month for anyone who is interested. Gloucester RFC has already sold over 3000 tickets and it promises to be an epic day. But what we really want to do is fill Kingsholm, which can take up to 15,000, with service personnel and their families and...