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  1. C

    299 Para Squadron National Troop

    Morning all, I have been looking on this forum and on the Army website and seen that 299 Para Squadron have a National Troop, as well as their regional recruiting. As there’s no RE Reserve unit near me, I am very happy to see this, however people have said that the National Troop is mainly...
  2. C

    Royal Engineers National Units

    Hi all, I am looking at moving to Dorset in October for work (I'm a Civil Engineer) and this will coincide with getting a bit more freedom from my previous job. As a result, I was looking at joining the Army Reserve, which I've wanted to do for quite a while. Given my Civil Engineering career...
  3. robbo2347

    1157 Kit List

    Where can I find a kit list guide of what an Army Reserve Soldier should be issued?
  4. Q

    ‘Skin dermatitis’ on Medical forms

    Alright Chaps, Filled out the medical forms with the GP today to be sent off. The one and only thing that was put on my form was about me coming to the docs once 2 years ago about dry, cracked skin on my hands. It happened only once, cleared up immediately and nothing like since - the doc wrote...
  5. Bras19

    Reserve fitness?

    So I am going to join reserves, but I am waiting to get my weight down first, as worried they will say no ect. However, my friend who is around 13.5stone (not much muscle) (works on cardio 2x a week) applied, got through tests ect and meetings and passed all that. (I’m 5ft2, 12.5st, good...
  6. T

    Lead First (+Army Reserve full time questions)

    Hello all, I'd like to hear any advice, thoughts or reviews anyone here has on the Army's "Lead First" program. From my understanding eligible candidates do the 8 week reserve officer course at RMAS and go on to serve a year full time with a reserve unit somewhere in the UK. Bit of background...
  7. J

    1 day assessment

    Hi guys Newbie here. Just wanting some advise. I have booked my assessment for 13th oct at litchfield but it only says that one day 9 till 17.00 Cant be a 1 day assessment can it? Or does it just say that anyway even ifs it 2 days. Cheers
  8. wolfbolt

    TJB HAC 105 Polo Invitational 2017

    Now that's what I call HAC Polo 7!... ok its the 7th year its happened! Saturday 2nd Sept 2017. Gates Open at 11:00 Its Back for the seventh year and this time all three HAC Polo teams - Regiment, Veterans and Saddle Club - will be in action this year at the TJB HAC 105 Polo Invitational at...
  9. A

    Annual Tax Free Bounty, Reserve, Pro -Rata????

    Hi, So something I thought would be reasonably straight forward has not been and 2-3 hours DII access once every week has not gleaned any answers. I completed my regular career last year and joined the reserves part way through the new financial year. I have a decent SPSI who got me on the...
  10. O

    How long does Reserve training take

    Hi, I have just started the joining process for the reserves for my gap year and time at uni as a soldier, I understand the whole phase 1 and alpha and bravo training bits but how long will the whole process take. Would it take me a whole year until I'm a soldier or can I basically do the...
  11. D

    Officer in the 4 Para entry

    Hello, Is it possible to become a officer in the 4 Para as a troop commander. From what I gather online is that I can apply to become a officer after the training. Is there any chance to have direct entry to be a officer in the reserve. Also how long would it take to become a officer in the...
  12. N

    Medical rejection

    Hi everyone I applied in the TA back in 2014 and got medically rejected during my selection process, right after I was rejected I took all the possible routes they gave me to appeal for it and I did, they gave me a weekly plan to fill out what activities I do. Since I told them I sprained my...
  13. Bad CO

    Army Reserve Manning - MoD Response

    The legion of ARRSEs working deep undercover in MoD Main Building tell me that there are some very senior people in the MoD who are pretty miffed with the recent article in the Express concerning AR manning (Thread: Army Reserve Manning - Change The Target). Now that in itself isn't really that...
  14. Bad CO

    Army Reserve Manning - Change the Target

    Another paper (ok I know it is the express) has been running a story about the problems meeting the 30k recruiting target for the AR. Key points are: "Senior military sources" have highlighted that the AR are padded out with 'paper soldiers' with only 10% turning up. Recruitment is down &...