army recruitment

  1. Clynester

    299 Para Squadron National Troop

    Morning all, I have been looking on this forum and on the Army website and seen that 299 Para Squadron have a National Troop, as well as their regional recruiting. As there’s no RE Reserve unit near me, I am very happy to see this, however people have said that the National Troop is mainly...
  2. HopefulArmyLad

    Ive applied to join the army

    I've recently applied to join the British army, I've filled out my application and have an appointment to speak to a careers advisor. I've just signed the forms to allow them to obtain my medical records. I'm 33 reasonably fit. 6'5, so my BMI is slightly higher. I'm looking for advice as to how...
  3. V

    awaiting Sickle cell blood test appointment

    Hi all I applied to join the B.A in early march this year and put A.A.C aviation groundcrew specialist as my first option. I've passed the medical history checks and now have to do this Sickle Cell blood test which I was made aware of 2 weeks ago now but still haven't received the appointment...
  4. C

    RA or Royal Welsh?

    Been in the application for 3 years and have only been delayed due to the C word. I’ve always been hoping to go RA, more 32 as I’m quite teccy, but I’m now leaning more to Royal Welsh. I have my dull moments aswel and as having the slightest thought about joining infantry I’m probably suited for...
  5. Solitaire97

    Ceremonial Gunner

    After looking at job roles I have decided that I would like to know more about the role and purpose of Ceremonial Gunners (CG) with the idea of applying for the role. The Army's recruitment website doesn't provide a huge amount of info on what they actually do on a day to day basis and if they...
  6. C

    I’m going to be one of them... A rejoiner !!

    Hello Everyone, Recently, I hung my hat up with the army. But since I’ve left, I’ve released that the civi life isn’t for me right now ! So I thought I’ll make a thread on here for some advice. Any advice would be amazing a quick thanks now before I start So, I left the army September 2018...
  7. B

    Genuine question, genuine answer

    Afternoon, Looking for some closure. I discharged from phase 2 at week 8 I think, reasons being - I felt it was the quickest and easier way for me to retrade and sort a few other potential problems back home. Anyway, my next intake will mark a record 13 weeks out of training and relisted back...
  8. L

    Questions about joining HAC?

    Hi, I am very interested in joining the military but happen to like my civvie career so the reserves seems perfect to go for. I want to join a unit that is very unique and offers plenty of challenge. From what i can tell through a bit of googling HAC Patrols seems to be a very demanding but...
  9. AlfieFYB

    FYB (Alfie) on LBC radio regarding army recruitment

    Sorry for quality