army life

  1. C

    Any advice for a Med Tech?

    I applied to join up last May and got deferred for a year but got it appealed. I’ve wanted to join for years but put my self through college first to get my qualifications in order. I’ll be off for my medical some time in November and I was wondering if any of you had some advice for me...
  2. MajorTom52

    Int corps officer entry

    Hi there, I’m currently in my second year at uni studying physics. I would like to spend 4-5 years in the army as an officer before gettig bogged down in a lifelong city career. I’ve chose the int corps due to transferable skills in civvy life but have a few questions. What is day to day life...
  3. R

    Advice - Army Life

    So I'm 21, higher than average fitness level, pretty damn smart, previously completed an apprenticeship as a vehicle tech. I've always wanted to join the army since I was a nipper. What am I to expect in the army life that isn't advertised and can only be told from experience? I'm 100% sure...
  4. G

    What is it like in the signals?

    I'm potentially applying and I'm curious to know what the royal corps of signals is like, what are prospects like after army, can it become mundane after a while and what is life generally like in the siggies?
  5. G.Lewis

    REME through DSFC as aircraft technician

    Just a few questions on REME, DSFC, being an officer and aircraft technicians. I'm currently in the Air Training corps but looking to go go Welbeck Defence 6th form. My fitness is fair and by the time I'm at welbeck I will definaltey have passed the 2 min 45 pressups and 50 sit-ups and the...
  6. Padbrat 93

    Petition to raise wages to more than traffic warden

    Seen it in the paper about a traffic warden earning alot more than a soldier I think everyone would agree this is outrageous so anyway I put a petition together hope you guys will sign it to try and get this into Parliament Petition: Increase soldiers wages to more than what a traffic warden gets
  7. G

    The Guards

    I'm joining as a guardsman and am choosing between grens. and coldstreamers, would any of each one have any major changes, advantages or disadvantages, in my career? Opinions on them in terms of ceremonial duties please Cheers for the replies, are there any height restrictions in general and...
  8. G

    Day in the life of signals officer

    What would be a typical day in the life of a signals officer in 16 air assault signals sdn. Just curious.