army fitness

  1. D

    Applying before being up to physical standard

    Hey guys, Was just wondering, should I apply online as soon as I can even though I don't think I'm physically up to snuff just yet and then use the time until AOSB/Main Board to train more OR should I get as physically fit as possible before even applying. I'm asking since the current timescale...
  2. X

    HELP !!!

    I join the British Army in 5 days, and I’m scared that my fitness level isn’t high enough. I run 3 days a week, having an 8minute avg mile time. Is that okay as a starting point or am I totally screwed ?
  3. C

    BMI & Fitness Level Entry

    Hi People Brand new to the website , looks amazing great tips and advice to be got on here. So i have a question im 30 years old 6Ft7 and i used to play rugby when i was younger which made me get bigger muscle wise now im older and had a couple of kids ive put on some daddy pounds and now...
  4. C

    Easy vs Hard miles...

    Hey all, I’ve been following the forum for some time and thought I’d take the opportunity to ask a question to those fitness junkies on the forum! I’m currently training for 4Para (should have my starting date very soon, passed AC etc) and I run 6 days a week and strength train. I can hit...
  5. W

    Pirbright assessment centre 2019

    Hello this is just a thread to share knowledge about the new physical tests in the assesment centre and for sharing help on the cognitive test and the technical selection test.
  6. I

    Will having tried joining the Royal-Navy affect joining the Army.

    Hi all, Moved to France when i was 7 and 2 years ago tried joining the Royal-Navy (Would have been the Army but got talked into it by parents who didn't want me to be on the front lines). Went back to the UK to do the interview, The Naval Service Recruiting Test (NSRT) and Pre-joining Fitness...
  7. L

    Leaving the army before 4 year contract

    Hello, I am 22 years old and have currently done 1 3/4 of service. I have been discussing wanting to leaving the army when I can, this is because I am just not happy with my job and I've wanted to join the police of which I truly know I'd be happy in. I have applied to join BTP and got accepted...
  8. F

    PTIs needed for F45 Vauxhall

    F45 is a global fitness franchise based on high intensity interval training. We are looking for only the best military or ex-military PTIs to become trainers in our new studio opening in Vauxhall, London in December 2018. Top market rates paid for the right trainers Please contact...
  9. VeryNoice

    Fitness/educational requirements for the Grenadier Guards?

    Hi I am an American born lad (duel citizen) who is moving to the U.K. in January of 2019 to join the British army. I had my eyes set on the Parachute Regiment for the longest time, however lately my knees have been giving my trouble. They are ok for now but i feel like joining the Parachute...
  10. S

    Advice please re DTUS and fitness

    Hi, I have a son on the DTUS scheme first year at uni. He's got tonsilitus again (3rd time this year), on antibiotics and still off for training this weekend. Another parent said that once he's finished his degree and off (hopefully) to Sandhurst they won't be happy as he's been on medication...