army aviation

  1. pazzer

    Aviation IT Systems Operator

    Hello guys, I was just looking for a bit of information, I have recently completed selection with a B grade (my run wasn't the best but I made up for it in BARB/TST, Team Tasks, etc.), and I was wondering if anyone had information about the role in the Army Air Corp listed above, I was told by...
  2. G.Lewis

    REME through DSFC as aircraft technician

    Just a few questions on REME, DSFC, being an officer and aircraft technicians. I'm currently in the Air Training corps but looking to go go Welbeck Defence 6th form. My fitness is fair and by the time I'm at welbeck I will definaltey have passed the 2 min 45 pressups and 50 sit-ups and the...
  3. Boris_Johnson

    New to the (Army) Aviation Forum? Please Read Before Posting

    Welcome to the (Army) Aviation Forum. For those newbies, occasional posters and long time lurkers - this is the sacred area of the site reserved for those brave and handsome souls who have donned the Light Blue Beret during their careers, to spin dits and regale old fables of all things Army...