army appeal

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    Appeal failed

    I’m confused as to why my appeal was denied, initially the problem was for autism and an “anxiety/depression” case which was over the period 2014-2018. This was in and out of Camhs with only a brief bit of therapy lasting a few months. It feels like my appeal wasn’t even properly looked at with...
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    Medical appeal

    Hi all, I recently applied for AFC but got rejected due to a medical reasons, I had put on the medical questionnaire that I had aspergers (I am not) so I sent an appeal with medical proof saying that I do not have aspergers. I had a response from them on 13/01/2021 saying they're looking at my...
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    Gastric sleeve surgery

    Hi, I have recently just had gastric sleeve surgery, already lost over 100lbs. I am hoping to join the army in a couple of years. I was wondering if anyone has joined the army after having gastric sleeve. It looks like it is classed as a P8 saying that medical check ups are needed which is not...
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    Will I ever be able to join the army?

    I recently got rejected from the army, for a few things actually. First being a past of anxiety and low mood. Now this one I feel I could possible appeal and be successful as it has been over 2 years and I’m sure if I reapplied in a few years it would be okay but one of the big ones I got...
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    Eczema in the army?

    Hello, I am hoping to join the army within the next few years but I have a question about eczema. When I was a child I had mild eczema in the creases of my arms and was prescribed an emollient gel to sort it out. I know that the army won’t let you join if you have eczema but I had it many years...
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    Army Medical Appeal

    Basically, Long-Story Short: I Applied for the British Army “April 2019” & Was Formally rejected “June 12th 2019” - Due to “2 or more episodes of Anxiety” I was a young carer for my family member & I went to my GP to get some help for him and some support for myself handling this situation...