1. Bras19

    Female armourers?

    Probably going to get a little stick for this post but hear me out... (No hate if you can help it) I am applying for the army and was wondering what people think about female armourers or even if there are any females currently in this role. The role is open to females so there’s got to be...
  2. d3adp1zzab0y

    armourer and civvie street

    hey, i’ve applied for the army and am hoping to join the REME once i have done my phase 1. I was drawn to be an armourer, as it seems like a fun and varied job, but i want to know what civvie jobs it means you can get once you’ve left the army, and also what trades have the best jobs once you...
  3. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Weapons Technician

    Would you like to join a company who values Trust, talent and technology to support the UKs Armed Forces? For further details CLICK HERE
  4. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Armourer - Met Police

    Our Specialist Firearms Command unit supports unarmed colleagues who are working operationally across London. This is a unique opportunity for an experienced Armourer to join us: there isn’t another Police Service in the UK with the variety of challenges that this role offers. For further...
  5. C

    Chance of early promotion REME armourer

    Afternoon guys, I'm starting my phase 1 in march as a reme armourer (cue the porn stash jokes) i was wondering is early promotion possible in this role? Its not the reason I'm going for this its just the most appealing trade for me. I'm already a qualified mechanical engineer with 10 years...
  6. M

    Which trade?

    I'm stuck on what trade to do, I want to do one where I wont do near **** all, I was thinking armoured farmer but I found you can do that as a side trade if your lucky. I then thought fitter for its opportunities but I didn't want to be stuck in a workshop, same for comms spec. I wanted to do...
  7. G

    Guards platoon officer

    So I've lately been looking a the Guards Platoon officer and I have a few enquiries, first and foremost, what about when I leave? I have IT, triple award sciences, HSK mandarin and an engineering GCSE behind me, no a levels. When I leave how hard could it be on civvy Street opposed to getting a...
  8. G

    Can I retrade?

    I'm looking to join the REME, my plan is to go as an amourer then if possible, retrade as an aircraft technician, can I do this? I may also want to become an instructor for basic training, how can i do this? Also, can I have some advice on both trades? I don't want to waste my time in the army...
  9. F

    Employment - Manual Machinist / toolmaker

    Afternoon gang, I am keen to hear from any ex-forces especially armorers and manual machinists. In my previous life i served with 2 Mercian "A" Coy - and now a days i'm a specialist recruiter for engineering and technical trades across the midlands, if anyone is either getting out or know...
  10. T

    Considering joining as an armourer - got a few questions!

    Hi all, Been scanning over arrse for quite a while now regarding the role of armourer, I've had a quick chat with the recruitment office and they've confused me a tad, so I'm hoping some of the answers can be answered on here: - Can you join as an armourer from a civvy or do you need to be...
  11. S

    Armourer qualifications

    I just re-checked the qualification requirements for said job, and it requires dual award science. I never did dual award science, yet i did a completely different science GCSE instead. Does this mean i'm unable to join? I have all the other requirements and i'm physically fit, but will this...