1. Q

    HCR schedule

    Late post i know but only just got in from work. Considering joining the HCR however after doing a bit of digging theres some (quite) old and outdated posts knocking about about saying when the troopers are at mounted regiment, there's not a lot of time off aside from evenings etc. Weekends are...
  2. Asmod

    Infantry or Armoured Engineers

    Hello, So I have been looking into the army, aside from the fact that i have always been drawn to it, I'm sick of civvie life. I am immediately drawn to the infantry as I like the whole "purest form of soldiering" aspect. I love risks and doing anything that gets the adrenaline pumping, also...
  3. B

    Light gunner or AS90 gunner?

    Im applying soon and im not sure if i want to be a light gunner or an AS90 armoured gunner, anyone have any advice?