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  1. MoleBath

    Book Review Book Review: Tanks At The Iron Curtain 1975-1990 by Steven J Zaloga

    The cold war years saw massive concentrations of armour deployed either side of the Inner German Border. Starting with Shermans and M26 Pershings plus numerous tank destroyers in the US forces and Churchill, Sherman and Centurion in the BAOR. French troops deployed US equipment in the first...
  2. Smeggers

    For Inspection Group Build 1st July 2023 to 30th June 2024

    Morning troops! Right, today's things to do...... Finish Group Build from 1/1/23 to 30/6/24 - ends midnight Things to do tomorrow............Start launch of new Group Build 1st July 2023 to 30 June 2024. Build entitled "Armour in Warfare" and can include any sort of armour whether it's a...
  3. Cynical

    The Second World War Tank Crisis

    This excellent book explains how in two decades the nation that invented the tank (and the tactics for using it successfully) managed to end up with an utterly inadequate armoured force, no effective tank design method and an industrial base incapable of developing and delivering a competitive...
  4. Post war disposal

    Post war disposal

    Tank park, Hatfield Herts 1945. IWM picture. The scale of the post war 'drawdown and disposal ' issue... Unit cost per tank.....
  5. R

    Life as an armoured tank officer

    Can someone give me an insight into life as a armoured corps officer preferably a tank officer and what they do on a day to day basis. Do they have a lot of paperwork to do?
  6. M

    Armies of Ancient Italy 753 – 218 BC

    Gabriele Esposito is a prolific author and researcher, specializing in military history and uniforms. Armies of Ancient Italy will be of interest to classicists, historians (amateur and professional) and re-enactors. There are many books about the late Roman Republic, the Roman Empire, its...
  7. JINGO

    M48 Patton.

    The M48 is one of those MBTs that just seems to blend into the background of postwar armour. The limelight seems to be stolen by other more familiar machines. That is until you start to review it’s history and realise just how widespread it’s use has been and that perhaps the reason that it...
  8. JINGO

    Images of War. M2/M3 Bradley.

    IMAGES OF WAR. M2/M3 Bradley. Pen and Swords Images Of War is a large body of work and constantly getting larger. In this volume David Doyle has made a significant addition. The M2 Bradley IFV and it’s closely linked brother the M3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle had their roots in the mid 70s. Along...
  9. Yeoman_dai

    Chieftain Chat

    I'm enjoying the APDS thread - so I thought i'd try another (based upon the same discussion, to give background, Cold War armour and 'who's the best') The main question is, what's the hull glacias width (negative stillbrew) on the Chieftain? I mean most Internet sources seem to say it's ~120mm...