armed forces

  1. Cynical

    White Flag?

    This book does exactly what it says on the cover; it examines the state of the UK’s Armed Forces. The authors, one a Lord, former Conservative Party chairman and Privy Councillor the other a former political editor of The Sunday Times and The Daily Mail, clearly have formidable access to...
  2. W

    Funny ones, I promise..

    What Do You Call a Soldier Who Survived Mustard Gas & Pepper Spray? A seasoned veteran. What's the Difference Between a Fighter Pilot and a Fighter Jet? The jet stops whining the engines are shut off. Did You Hear about the Accident at the Army Base? A tank ran over a box of popcorn and killed...
  3. G

    Harrogate or as levels

    I'm come to a point on wether I want to go to Harrogate or join a sixth form college and get AS levels, I don't want to do a levels. I have no intention of becoming an officer with the exception of possibly joining in later army career. I want to join the rifles and I'm wondering wether to join...
  4. M

    What modifications can I make to assault vest?

    I have been given a desert assault vest by an ex commando, I will change the patterning and colour, I also wish to modify it to suit my self. What mods can I make to it, I might cut the side to make it more of a chest rig shape and then cover off with hemming web, I also plan on getting more...
  5. BCArmedForcesHeritage

    Do you know any Chinese people who served in the British Armed Forces?

    Hi all, This is a general post to everyone who might know any Chinese ex-servicemen and women in the British Armed Forces. The British Chinese Armed Forces Heritage Project (BCAFH) is a partnership project in collaboration with Ming-Ai (London) Institute and Regent’s University London. The...
  6. W

    Petition, Armed Forces to not pay tax on Operations

    Petition: Stop UK Armed Forces on Operations from paying tax during their deployment. please sign, it's about time our Armed Services had a tax break when operating overseas. The benefits have been reduced over the years and all three services are under more pressure to deploy with far less...