1. H

    AOSB Briefing MAP test pass mark?

    Hello, I have my AOSB briefing next month and I am confident in all aspects apart from the MAP tests. Verbal reasoning is fine and numerical reasoning is ok but I rarely finish in time. However I struggle the most with abstract reasoning. The time limit is the worst part as I always find myself...
  2. C

    AOSB Briefing Prep

    Hi all, I have briefing booked for October (a lovely timely wait I know ) and I am wondering what sort of prep I could start doing now. I’m refraining from getting into to much detail just yet, but if anyone has any ideas of what light prep can be done 5-6 months prior it would be greatly...
  3. T

    How important are university marks/grades for Sandhurst?

    I've been planning on applying as a regular officer for a while now, but unfortunately my university marks aren't the greatest. I accept full responsibility for this. It is a combination of too much partying and not enough studying... So my question is: During AOSB Briefing and Main Board, to...
  4. D

    Officer Timescales

    Hi all, I was just wondering what other applicants' progress has been like with COVID etc. I passed my RGMD this time last month but I am yet to hear anything regarding the next stage (presumably medical at Westbury). Is it best just to wait or does it require some active chasing via the local...
  5. Kitchener

    Army Officer Time Scale

    Good Afternoon all Hoping to find you all well What is the time scale from the Army Careers Advisor interview to being told you have a place at Sandhurst? The only thing I have seen is it takes around 1 year but am totally unsure whether this is true or false. I’m sure many do it in under a...
  6. M

    Covid shortened Main Board

    Have my MB coming up soon - the shortened 2 1/3 day affair. Could a PO who has recently gone on one of these shortened MB's kindly provide a diary for one of these. i.e. what events were held on which day, in which order. Any notes on how the experience went compared to what a full MB would...
  7. P

    AOSB Dates

    Has anyone had any information regarding the resumption of AOSB’s? I’m still waiting on my recruitment officer to update me but they can be rather slow on these matters.
  8. T

    AOSB Planning Exercises (10+ Exercises to prepare you)

    I found myself searching and asking for these a few years back prior to my Officer Selection. These prepared me well. Our selection process over here in New Zealand is tough, and extremely similar/modelled of the British Army AOSB Main Board. All the best with your selection! I can assure you a...
  9. W

    Soldier to Officer

    Hello all, I am currently going through the process and would like to ask someone a few questions regarding AOSB and PODC. How did you prepare for the MAP tests? Much appreciated!
  10. P

    Failing AOSB

    Should someone fail AOSB, whether that be briefing or MB, does this prevent them from taking the advice, working on their mistakes, and applying as an officer in the Navy or RAF?
  11. H

    New Airbnb RCB AOSB Warminster Road Westbury

    Good morning! We have just opened our home, Laurel House Warminster Road Westbury to Air bnb perfectly located less than a 5 minute walk from the RCB Leighton House Warminster Road in Westbury. We offer Bed & Breakfast, warm comfortable rooms, a guest lounge, luxury guest bathroom. Use of...
  12. W

    Education Assessment

    Hello all, Am currently looking into the process from Soldier to Officer. I don't have the required GCSE's and will need to sit the educational assessment, would anybody have experience of going down this route and/or has sat the assessment and can tell me what it entails? Thanks!
  13. oppoStu

    AOSB Main Board - Everything You Need To Know

    Previously been through the process once before, did some research on it to find a detailed diary. There is currently no "Main Board" diaries on ARRSE, only 1 briefing diary and a few other people who have provided little bits of information. So I thought I would share the information I have...
  14. C

    AOSB Briefing Diary

    Ladies and gents, I’m here to sort you out. So hold to your phones and get ready. You arrive. You get allocated in to groups and these groups seem to be related to age groups and you will stick with your group the entire process. These groups then get separated into two. One will do the...
  15. C

    My Top Tips for AOSB briefing and MB

    Hi guys, not sure who this will reach. But hopefully I can help a few of you with any questions on passing AOSB briefing / main board. Both are extremely fresh in my mind and I for one know how daunting and nerve racking the whole process can be - especially with all the unknowns ahead of you...
  16. O

    Reserve AOSB Standards

    I failed to pass main while attempting to go as a regular. I want to go back, but as I've taken some time out and got a job, joining the regulars wouldn't be as easy as it would have been if coming straight out of Uni. I want to get a bit more experience and a few more qualifications at my job...
  17. M

    MAT/Group Discussion/Interview advice Jan 18 AOSB Briefing?

    Hi everyone, I am planning to go for AOSB Briefing in January 18, please do let me know if anyone is attending AOSB in the same month. Also, I am seeking advice on MAT, Group Discussion, and Interview. What is the best way to prepare for MAT and Group Discussion? Is it only the current affairs...
  18. E

    Gap Year Commission Questions

    Hi Everyone, I plan on applying for the GYC this year. I just have a few questions that I couldn't find answered on the British Army website, and I was wondering if someone who did the GYC could answer them. The first one is about the AOSB. When doing this is it strictly other potential GYC's...
  19. The Angry Peanut

    Medical - Cannabis

    Hi all, Had a medical ahead of my AOSB a couple weeks ago and the Dr said they needed a bit more info about a past injury, no biggie. However i did admit to having smoked cannabis a couple of times a couple years ago (during freshers). Will that affect my application? I asked them if it would...
  20. Mattb

    Group Discussion and PlanEx Marking Schemes

    Does anyone (I'm thinking people running commissioning clubs, etc) have a marking scheme for group discussions, planexes and possibly for being a team member (rather than the leader) during command tasks? Tasked with creating these but thought I'd check and see if anyone has anything before...
  21. O

    AOSB Briefing Diary

    Thought I'd add my experiences here. Hope it helps Briefing Log Day 1 Introduction Once I’d arrived at Westbury we were put into the mess to form into our groups, before heading off for an introductory talk by the board’s Vice Principal. He basically explained the coming tasks and what...
  22. J

    Officer Briefing Day

    After squawking in the shadows, it’s now time to ask a question myself. I have my Officer Briefing Day coming up in a few weeks’ time, which is essentially the ACA interview with a few additional extras … Could those with experience give me any advice/ preparation tips please. I am happy...
  23. O

    Not Another Plan Ex Thread

    Sorry for another one of the plan ex threads but its hard to navigate around the sheer volume of existing threads to find my answer. Basically, been practicing planning and I've just done this one in particular... Forms « Gumnut Adventures provides holiday activties and corporate teambuilding...
  24. UXO

    Just passed AOSB

    Hi All, Been lurking for a while but since I passed AOSB on Friday 10th and got my letter Sat 11th (once the postie had stopped chatting up some Mum outside my house for 10 mins) I thought I'd better sign up. Time to jack this crap job in and start getting shouted at. I'm a Maths grad and...
  25. R

    Army officer scholarship scheme

    dear all, I am currently considering applying for a scholarship and I had a few questions. I would really appreciate it if I could get a few answers. 1) is the scholarship mainly for those at state schools or at a slight economic advantage or is it for everyone? (I go to a private school but...
  26. S

    Briefing and Main Board advise/thoughts

    Hi guys, Just thought I would post my thoughts and hints/tips from my experience to anyone going through the process. Fitness: The required standard is 10.2 on the bleep test and 44 press ups/50 sit ups. It surprised me how many people failed and at the lower levels as well. Don't think of...
  27. K

    2016 How long will I be waiting for my AOSB if I apply today

    Hi guys new here, 21 YO, wanting to join Intel Corps. I've seen some posts on here from a few years back saying it takes months to get to the Briefing, yet when talking to careers advisor she (rather politely) refused to give a realistic approximation about when I would be attending the Board...
  28. G

    Any experience required for PQO entry?

    I'm looking to join the army as a doctor after uni. I'm also looking into the medical bursary scheme but because I've heard it's highly competitive to get into, would I be at a disadvantage if I haven't had any previous army experience like family history in the armed forces...CCF at school etc?
  29. G

    Selection to Int Corps with Cat 2

    Dear all, I recently completed the AOSB Briefing, finishing with a category two due to struggling on the obstacle course. Everything else I passed without issue, and they recommended a postponement of only three months before Main Board. However, I have heard from several sources that certain...
  30. 2

    AOSB Briefing - fitness

    Okay so I've been a bit of a twat, I was doing very regular phys for a year or so and over summer, stopped for about a month because of a lot of things happening and couldn't find the time. I have briefing in less than a week and stupidly was cocky enough to believe that I was fine on fitness...
  31. J

    Army SCA interview

    Hi, one of the documents I have been sent prior to my interview was a sheet with some questions I may possibly be asked. I have jotted some notes next to some, however there is some I would like to here someone else's view on. For example, 'Your motivation for applying for an Army Scholarship'...
  32. J

    Scholarship interview

    Hi, I have passed my eligibility and medical forms and now have my interview prior to the GAIC(O) and AOSB. I have spoke to my regional careers advisor who holds the rank of Major, and he was in fact very informal and was very helpful. I know somebody who holds a scholarship and a undergraduate...
  33. C

    2016 Briefing/Main Board Tips and Answers

    I am aware that for anyone with either their briefing or main board approaching there will be questions and worries and not all answers can be found. I have recently passed main board and briefing (both this year) so everything is still fresh. I'm happy to answer any officer related questions...
  34. A

    AOSB Main Board interviews.

    Hello all, I have my main board coming up at the start of October and currently prepping for it. I'm wondering what the topics of three interviews will be? I know I'll be asked some mental arithmetic questions and general interview questions, but what else?
  35. C

    AOSB Pass - Graduate Careers

    Knowledgeable many; there's been a number of reports of graduate recruiters who will offer those with an AOSB pass an automatic pass at the 1st stage interviews. Does anyone have any evidence to support these reports?
  36. greatkingshark

    Military Knowledge for main board

    hi gents. as my main board approaches the one thing I'm concerned about is the military knowledge aspect. My CSM tells me it'll be an addition to the MAP tests and not in interview. my main concern is that I never attended cadets or wellbeck etc and so feel that my military knowledge is...
  37. G

    Guards platoon officer

    So I've lately been looking a the Guards Platoon officer and I have a few enquiries, first and foremost, what about when I leave? I have IT, triple award sciences, HSK mandarin and an engineering GCSE behind me, no a levels. When I leave how hard could it be on civvy Street opposed to getting a...
  38. A

    Mental Aptitude Tests

    Hello all I've just passed my initial interview and continuing with practicing my mental arithmetic, etc. I was wondering how much harder the numerical tests are compared to the practices or other psychometric tests? I'm no stranger to these tests as I've completed many during my business...
  39. 1

    Chances at AOSB-Sixth Form Scholarship

    Just wondering what my chances are of getting the Sixth Form Scholarship. 240 candidates go to AOSB and 100 get a Scholarship. My fitness is pretty good, can pass the 1.5 mile run easily along with the press ups and situps. Got 8 A* and 2 A at GCSE and I think my interview and Insight Course...
  40. F

    Main Board 23 Feb 2016

    If anyone from the 23 Feb 2016 Main Board has got their letter today...let me know how you got on! (Especially Brown group - I didn't get chance to grab your contact details). Good luck...