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  1. Kitchener

    Army Officer Time Scale

    Good Afternoon all Hoping to find you all well What is the time scale from the Army Careers Advisor interview to being told you have a place at Sandhurst? The only thing I have seen is it takes around 1 year but am totally unsure whether this is true or false. I’m sure many do it in under a...
  2. M

    Covid shortened Main Board

    Have my MB coming up soon - the shortened 2 1/3 day affair. Could a PO who has recently gone on one of these shortened MB's kindly provide a diary for one of these. i.e. what events were held on which day, in which order. Any notes on how the experience went compared to what a full MB would...
  3. J

    AOSB Lecture

    Hi all, First of all apologies if this has already been posted, I could not find anything on it and it is a silly question to start a thread on however I would appreciate an answer. I have recently started the application to become an officer. Could anyone elaborate on the standard of the...
  4. W

    Soldier to Officer

    Hello all, I am currently going through the process and would like to ask someone a few questions regarding AOSB and PODC. How did you prepare for the MAP tests? Much appreciated!