aosb main board

  1. L

    fucked main board at 18, not sure what to do next.

    Hi all I am 18 years old, and attended main board earlier this week and came away with literally no positive feedback (which is fair enough tbh). Disappointed as I got cat 1 at briefing, and attended main board exactly 1 month later, perhaps got ahead of myself a little bit but was hoping to...
  2. 8

    AOSB Planex Advice

    Hi everyone, I have my main board approaching soon and safe to say I am bricking it for the planning exercise element of the board, which for me is the most challenging element by some distance. I have been smashing out practice questions under timed conditions over the last few weeks but after...
  3. GlasgowCross

    AOSM Military Knowledge

    Hello guys, I have my AOSB Main Board at the end of April. Can anyone help with putting together a portfolio of material about Military Knowledge we can all use to prepare for Main Board please? It would be great if anyone who has passed Main Board already could contribute with the information...
  4. Kitchener

    Army Officer Time Scale

    Good Afternoon all Hoping to find you all well What is the time scale from the Army Careers Advisor interview to being told you have a place at Sandhurst? The only thing I have seen is it takes around 1 year but am totally unsure whether this is true or false. I’m sure many do it in under a...
  5. M

    Covid shortened Main Board

    Have my MB coming up soon - the shortened 2 1/3 day affair. Could a PO who has recently gone on one of these shortened MB's kindly provide a diary for one of these. i.e. what events were held on which day, in which order. Any notes on how the experience went compared to what a full MB would...
  6. P

    AOSB Dates

    Has anyone had any information regarding the resumption of AOSB’s? I’m still waiting on my recruitment officer to update me but they can be rather slow on these matters.
  7. T

    AOSB Planning Exercises (10+ Exercises to prepare you)

    I found myself searching and asking for these a few years back prior to my Officer Selection. These prepared me well. Our selection process over here in New Zealand is tough, and extremely similar/modelled of the British Army AOSB Main Board. All the best with your selection! I can assure you a...