1. Troy

    On the Go (OTN) cables and adaptors for Android phones

    Does anyone have any experience of these OTN adaptors that they can tell us about? I understand that you can plug in flash drives, mice, keyboards, webcams and such like, but are they any good? Also, with those that allow you to charge the phone at the same time as using a gadget. Are they...
  2. Tappet

    iPhone to Android; anyone made the move?

    I’ve got a iPhone 6s, and have had iPhones since I first got a smartphone. I don’t really use any iOS only apps, and am getting a bit fed up of shite battery life and apple’s “only use our stuff or we’ll make it a pain in the ar*e for you” approach. Anyone made the leap to Android? Any...
  3. kiwidoug

    Website using Android?

    I've made a simple website on a Windows PC. It works perfectly. It's simple, 7 webpages, 1 Images folder. I've copied it to my Android tablet (Android v 6.01), tried to open it with Chrome, and problem. A single page will open, it shows text nut no images, and the hyperlinks no longer work...
  4. Tappet

    Citizen Science Apps

    i remember many years ago that SETI used to have a programme you could put on your computer, and it would assist in scanning a tiny bit of the sky in the background. Seeing as I now effectively carry a computer in my pocket, that is on 24/7, with plenty of processing power, does any arrser...
  5. C

    Tips to make savings on your mobile phone bill

    I thought this article on how to cut mobile phone costs and still keep a decent handset might be of some interest. 4 Top Tips To Save Money On Your Mobile Phone Bill Do you have any tips that are not covered that are specific to a military lifestyle?