ancient greece

  1. Flight

    Themistocles: The Powerbroker of Athens

    No need for a classical education to enjoy Jeffrey Smith's biography of the architect of Athenean victory in the Persian wars. Hypermodern concepts such as information warfare sit remarkably comfortably alongside ancient Greek aesthetics, the heroes of the Illiad and the Pantheon of Greek Gods...
  2. Auld-Yin

    Alexander’s Legacy: The Three Paradises by Robert Fabbri

    The second in the latest series from Fabbri where. in the period following the death of Alexander the Great, his empire is splitting up, arguments starting between his acolytes all vying for the top job, or at least a good area to rule. People who were once great friends, comrades in arms and...
  3. M

    Religion and Classical Warfare: Archaic and Classical Greece

    Review by Metellus Cimber II This book is a symposium; ten academic authors from different countries have contributed chapters on the role of religion in war in ancient Greece and there are three editors. Archaic and Classical Greece covers such varied topics as omens, oracles and portents...