1. V

    Alt-Berg charging for delivery to operational BFPOs

    Currently in pre-Op Shader quarantine, I’ve ordered a pair of Microlite Desert boots from Alt-Berg. Deliveries to operational BFPOs, 550, Op Shader in my case, are free up to 2 kg. Alt-Berg is charging £11.50 for delivery. Has anyone found the same issue or found a way around it?
  2. G

    New boots won't shine

    I got a new pair of altberg defenders and I've also got leader Gris mod brown. No matter how much I polish them they won't shine or at least look smart. I need this squaring away before next Thursday as we have a st David's day parade with HM the Queen.
  3. Rumbers

    Removing black polish from brown boots

    Hi all, got a question. Being a bit of a kit whore (sorry!), I found Altberg Defenders for £30 on Firestorm Kit's website, and immediately forked out the cash. I had guessed that they would be grade one at that price (being reduced from £70), but didn't expect the previous owner to have put...
  4. Ex-Ten

    Altberg Tabbing Boots

    I'm thinking of treating my feet to a pair of Altberg Tabbing boots. As boot construction varies between manufacturers (my last issued boots were DMS NI hightops) I would like to ask if anyone who wears them can tell me how hard the leather is and consequently are they easy (painless) to break...
  5. ViolatorOfVirgins

    Lowa Urban Military 2 - or something else?

    Hi! After 4 years of using Sneekers, they started to fall into pieces (or, to be more correct, the leather have a holes in it from constant bending), the (non-standard) sole is almost flat, the lining isn't really good either. In short- I need a new replacement, I was wondering if anyone tried...