1. Trick_Boom

    Builds 1:72 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.1a

    The immortal Spitfire was the most famous fighter of the Second World War and one of the greatest warplanes of all time. This model has probably been built more than any other I expect. Building the cockpit, the instructions don't identify the interior colour (At the brush point). Is it a 30?
  2. Mrs Slocombe

    Webinar by a bloke who designs Airfix kits

    16 Mar 2021 / 7:00pm - 9:00pm IET Events
  3. Smeggers

    Airfix 1/76 Bedford QLT & QLD in-box review

    Airfix, the name that conjures the image of the small boy assembling a plane, while his pipe-smoking Dad looks proudly on. Most of us remember our first Airfix kit, some of us fondly, most of us, with horror at the mess we made. The company has gone through many rebirths and restructures, and is...