1. Daz

    Reference Image SE5a

    Taken at the Yorkshire Air Museum :)
  2. NSP

    The Reference Library

    All your recommended reference/coffee table books for modelling subjects here, be it armour, aircraft or war canoe. Picked this up in the TM shop. Lots of illustrations and colour plates, including spreads of interior detail shots and factoids. Begins in the beginning and works through in...
  3. Daz

    Reference Image Douglas SBD Dauntless

    Well, since so many are being build, such as the one by @Simmerit. we might as well have an SBD thread :) Atlantic colour scheme A-24 version
  4. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Avionics Supervisor

    An exciting opportunity to join our client as an Avionics Supervisor, you will be responsible determining a plan for servicing and maintenance and direct the activities the activities of the team. You will oversee the work, and authorise progression to the next stage. For more information...
  5. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Production Aircraft Technician – Q.E.C, Airframe

    With our heritage firmly embedded in the Aerospace industry, we ensure the highest levels of expertise and commitment not only our customers but in placing our permanent & temporary staff. Click here for further details
  6. Daz

    The Daftest Aircraft

    Well, we've had the best looking aircraft, the ugliest aircraft, so how about the daftest? - to kick off we have the Rotary Rocket, a fully reusable single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) manned spacecraft cunningly disguised as a 21st century windmill Or how about the Perkenalkan ‘Black Knight...
  7. Simon - Quest Magazine

    B2, C130 Instructor

    Would you like to be involved in delivering and developing internal training courses on the C130 aircraft? As a B2 Instructor you will...... Provide to AeroAcademy customers, courses for aircraft and complex integrated systems/basic fundamentals. Develop and design complex engineering and...
  8. happyuk

    The Russian Sukhoi Su-35: handbrake turns in midair

    Read about the evoution of the technology here: Sukhoi Su-35 - Wikipedia It's not a small plane! It weighs 30 tons. And the pilot can make it look like a kitten playing in the sky. Fun quote “I mean, come on,” Stephen Trimble, aviation reporter and editor for Flightglobal’s Americas bureau...
  9. J

    British Aerospace Industry to Help Turks Develop 5th-gen Fighter Aircraft

    The TAI TFX is a twin-engine all-weather fifth-generation Turkish aerial superiority fighter jet being developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) with technological assistance from BAE Systems of the United Kingdom. The aircraft is slated to replace the Turkish Air Force's F-16s and is...
  10. G

    Can I retrade?

    I'm looking to join the REME, my plan is to go as an amourer then if possible, retrade as an aircraft technician, can I do this? I may also want to become an instructor for basic training, how can i do this? Also, can I have some advice on both trades? I don't want to waste my time in the army...
  11. D

    Aircraft Technician/Vehicle Mechanic Technical Selection Test

    Hi all, I have signed up to be a VM and I understand for trades a TST is taken place on 2 day assessment. I was also thinking of Aircraft Technician but I don't have my C in Physics. I was just curious if I scored high enough in my TST would I be able to become an AT, even though I don't have my...