aircraft technician

  1. J

    Best trade for travelling to and from Newcastle

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section it’s my first post. I’m joining up as soon as I’ve finished my GCSE’s and I want to join either as a vehicle mechanic, general fitter, aircraft technician or avionics. I have no problem with doing my phase one in Harrogate but everywhere else for phase 2 is...
  2. Simon - Quest Magazine

    B2, C130 Instructor

    Would you like to be involved in delivering and developing internal training courses on the C130 aircraft? As a B2 Instructor you will...... Provide to AeroAcademy customers, courses for aircraft and complex integrated systems/basic fundamentals. Develop and design complex engineering and...
  3. T

    Which job role should I go for?

    I passed the selection process and now can't decide which job role to go for. Does anyone have any advise or tips that may sway me to one of my job choices? The two choices I am stuck between are: 1. Survey engineer(Royal Engineers) 2. Aircraft technician(REME) Any information will be helpful...