1. untallguy

    Survival Course

    Survival Course is Chris Cocks' story of his life after he left the Rhodesian Light Infantry. It can be read as a stand alone but works best as a sequel to his first book, Fire Force. It describes his life at the end of the Bush War, working as a farm manager and a Police Reservist, the creation...
  2. sirbhp

    The Forbidden Zone

    Managing the world’s richest diamond mine in former German South West Africa, Harvey Tremayne clashes with a colonial resistance group, intent on restoring their homeland. They smuggle diamonds destined for the Nazi military rearmament programme. Tremayne got in their way. They killed his wife...
  3. Joshua Slocum

    Deadlines on the front line ( travels with a veteran war correspondent)

    At first glance for many people, the title of this book would lead you to expect to a dry dusty tome, detailing long boring meetings with senior officers, a few short judgements on parts of a battle seen from a distance, the usual booze ups, and a critique of the way the battle was run. This...
  4. Gunnergrandad29

    Help with my grandads records

    Hi everyone. I am hoping you can help me, I have been trying to trace details of my grandad who died before I was born. Nearly all of my photos of him are whilst in the army. Only recently I have got his service records from Glasgow and I am trying to find out where he served etc. Using his...
  5. CptDanjou

    China sets up in Djibouti

    Creeping in slowly..... China sends ships, troops to 1st overseas military base in Horn of Africa
  6. Bris

    Marathon Music

    Ladies/Gents/Assorted creatures, For reasons that escape me now, but were apparently very clear when 6 pints deep one night, I've signed up to run a marathon. In Uganda. Yes, I am aware that there's one that's kind of a big deal closer to my London home, and yes, I'm aware that the country...