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afps 15

  1. A Nother Cog

    Medical Discharge P8 AFPS 75/15

    Looking down the barrel of a P8 full med discharge and trying to get my head straight: Feb 2003 - April 2015 ( CPL ) = 12.08 years - AFPS 75 April 2015 - Sept 2019 (possible discharge date, SGT) = 4.4 years - AFPS 15 Final Pensionable Earnings = £37 550 MO reckons straight forward, Tier 1...
  2. scaley_1

    AFPS 15 - Added Pension

    Forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere, i've scoured websites, forums and official pubs but I cant find an answer to this. I have recently received (my first) quotation from Veterans UK for the purchase of added pension. I have served 20 years and starting to focus on life after the...