1. Smeggers

    First Casualty

    First Casualty; the untold story of the battle that began the War in Afghanistan Written by Toby Harnden. ISBN: 978-1-78739-646-3. Published by Welbeck Toby Harnden is a winner of the Orwell Prize for books. A former foreign correspondent for the Sunday Times of London and the Daily...
  2. Poppycock

    Detailed Camp Bastion Map on Google Earth

    Having spent 6mths of my life there (summer 2012) I was pleased to see a fully viewable Camp Bastion on Google Earth (and high-resolution images on Google Maps too) Screen shot from google earth with burn pit chuffing away; best images are in the 'historical images' opinion, back to April2013...
  3. 12 Mech Bde-Op Herrick 2007-BOST Mass cas .JPG

    12 Mech Bde-Op Herrick 2007-BOST Mass cas .JPG

    Remember the dead - cherish the living
  4. MongMastermind

    Ben Slater of Nomad Concept Groups and evac of Afghan civvies effort, another Pen Farthing bandwagon jumper?

    This is an interesting one, mow we have an ex-monkey banging on about relocation efforts for 400 non-eligible Afghanis, I like the part where he himself claimed he didn't get a visa to get out, surely as a UK national he wouldn't require one, seem's Sky News will report anything An ex-RMP plod...
  5. Bad CO

    The Changing of the Guard by Simon Akam

    In years to come, people who want to know what the British Army was like in the first twenty years of the 21st century will start with Simon Akam’s controversial masterpiece “The Changing of the Guard - The British Army since 9/11”. Stunningly well researched it brings together evidence from a...
  6. Auld-Yin

    Reasonable Doubt

    This is a good old fashioned thriller which actually lives up to this claim. The hero is a former Gurkha officer, Harry Parker, who still has links to his former comrades. This is the second book featuring this character, but this is a completely stand-alone book with few references back to the...
  7. Themanwho

    Action At Badama Post - The Third Afghan War

    “Action At Badama Post” relates a real life derring-do tale of British Forces in Afghanistan, centring around a downed RAF aircraft, and British and local troops’ efforts to rescue them against the efforts of a savage foe. Not unusual fare for a book review on Arrse you might think, until you...
  8. Captain_Crusty

    How we won & lost the war in Afghanistan

    'How we won & lost the war in Afghanistan' is a fascinating account of a US AID manager's two years spent in Dand and Maiwand Provinces near Kandahar. Douglas Grindle has plenty of 'previous' - he had spent six years in Iraq and Afghanistan as a war correspondent and two years as a field...
  9. T

    Providing Halal Food to Serving Service Persons

    Have you seen how much Halal Food was given to Serving Members (and probably to Non-Muslim/non-Jewish Service persons too)of the MOD including during Afghan War etc. It was provided by Purple Food Stuffs. Just read the info in the docs in this FOI request. - Link Here - WhatDoTheyKnow
  10. K

    Op Toral 2018

    I will be transferring in the reserves soon due to work and want to deploy on Op Toral. A quick Google says YORKS will be deploying July till Dec 17, are there any duty rumours on who will take over from them?
  11. Goatman

    Gen Petraeus interview Nov 16

    Listened to BBC's former North America correspondent talking to Gen David Petraeus on Radio 4 this morning. I get the impression Petraeus is a Marmite character for the US military - either loved or hated. The tabloid headline is 'Petraeus would serve in Trump administration' Well, sure. As...
  12. Flaggie

    Afghan interpreters -- options for entering UK?

    I know there's been a thread about whether interpreters who worked for us in Afghanistan should be allowed into the UK but I'm interested in whether there is any route for them to do so. Heard through a friend of a friend about an ex-interpreter who had to get out in a hurry before the Taliban...
  13. C

    Impact of deployment on partners mental health...

    I am not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this, so please feel free to delete/ignore... My husband is serving in the air force but the first time he was deployed to Afghanistan I was his girlfriend and just starting my doctorate in clinical psychology. The "support" (I didn't get...
  14. C

    Impact of deployment on mental health of military partners...

    I am not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this, so please feel free to delete/ignore... My husband is serving in the air force but the first time he was deployed to Afghanistan I was his girlfriend and just starting my doctorate in clinical psychology. The "support" (I didn't get...
  15. Cliff Richard

    US Marine's Mother writes to the British people

    Published in the Independent newspaper in October 2013: Dodging blame is the only concern of UK military leaders The mother of one of the troops killed in the Camp Bastion attack, condemns the British Army’s complacency in an open letter Rest in Peace Lt Col Raible and Sgt Atwell, and may your...
  16. Bad CO

    HERRICK Campaign Report released under FOI

    It would appear that the Sunday Times has managed to get the HERRICK campaign report released under a Freedom of Information request. Well done them although slightly disappointing that the full article is behind their pay wall. One the plus side they have published the foreword, executive...
  17. RhodieBKK

    Dansk Afghan fillum - "A War"

    Grauniad have just posted a vid review of this and like the curate's egg is only partially satisfying. Whilst one jaded reviewer felt it was "cliched" and "an exercise in liberal breastfeeding", the other fella thought the action scenes were good and the courtroom drama was suitably boring. A...
  18. Bad CO

    Afghan: Time for Truth aka Martin v Richards

    A marker for your diary on Thursday is the The Report on Radio 4 at 2000hrs which will be looking at events in Afghanistan. Subtitled 'Time For Truth' I expect we'll be hearing considerable discussion about the reality of the Taliban and what exactly was achieved over there. My understanding...
  19. Firefox1

    Lord Roberts' Valet: new book on Afghanistan just out

    Lord Roberts' Valet is the story of the information operations campaign in Kandahar Province from 2011-2014. The author spent three continuous years in-theatre working with the US Army and puts the whole campaign into context, with never-before-told detail from the White House to the frontline...
  20. guzzijon

    US Humbled in Bloody Sangin

    Headline of a piece by Miles Amoore in today's Sunday Times. The gist is that the Americans are reconsidering their harsh assessment of British troops and tactics in light of their own heavy losses.