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    Chances of recieving a 50% or 75% GIP at my tribunal ?

    I was medically discharged after serving 12 yrs in the infantry "Green Jackets/Rifles" and 7 tours and medically discharged in 2013 due to PTSD and induced hearing loss both the Army have admitted liability for, I've since had skin cancer in 2018 and X2 operations to removed it, again the Army...
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    Retrospective medical discharge and upcoming AFCS tribunal

    Hi everyone I’m new here and did put a post up but think I’ve posted it to the wrong place. I’m in need of some advice... Im an ex RAF nurse and after 2 tours of Afghanistan and working continuously in itu at sellyoak and queen Elizabeth hospital Birmingham it took its toll on me and I was...
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    Mode of exit review and upcoming tribunal

    Hi all I am after some advice. I have been fighting for compensation for PTSD which is documented as being service attriburafrom AFCS and have an upcoming tribunal on the 24th November in which I have representatives from RBL fighting my case. VUK somehow didn’t obtain my medical records past...