1. D

    AFCS Trinunal - Help and Advice

    Good morning everyone. Im really hoping someone can give me some help / advice. I had my tribunal yesterday and it was absolutely horrible. My tribunal was because I appealed their decision for PTSD but when I was going through, it seemed like they were more concerned with the triggers that...
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  3. C

    Tribunal help!

    Hi my husband has won his tribunal against the MOD and has been awarded tariff 6 for PTSD which looks like it’s a pay out of £140k plus a Guaranteed income payment of 75% of his final salary. He has been fighting this for 7 years so the news is just fantastic for him but we can’t get any...
  4. V

    AFCS Time Scales

    Hey all, I've checked threads but I was wondering what the average time it took for AFCS to get back to you. From the day they acknowledge your claim form (they recieved it) to the day you recieved your decision? How you recieved it? Post or email? I know last year they was struggling with the...
  5. I


    Hi all, Ive been currently waiting 5 months into my appeal for PTSD , I was awarded level 10 after a multitude of events which caused my mental health to deteriorate. AFCS acknowledged this in October and I’m yet to hear a thing back yet. Im on the verge of declaring bankruptcy due to not...
  6. H

    AFCS Interim Review Questions

    Hi All I am currently 6 months into my first interim review period for PTSD. I was awarded level 13 in September just at gone and told my case would be reviewed in Sep 2021 (12 months). AFCS have taken my onset date as Nov 2019 as they have said this is the date I begun EMDR and prior to that...
  7. T

    Retrospective medical discharge and upcoming AFCS tribunal

    Hi everyone I’m new here and did put a post up but think I’ve posted it to the wrong place. I’m in need of some advice... Im an ex RAF nurse and after 2 tours of Afghanistan and working continuously in itu at sellyoak and queen Elizabeth hospital Birmingham it took its toll on me and I was...
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  9. H

    AFCS Tribunal won - Vets UK appeal

    Hi All, I have been progressing over the last few years with AFCS, and have finally been awarded the level I believed I deserved. But, I find myself in a grey area with timings at this point onwards, with neither Vets UK, RBL or paymaster being able to assist, so I ask this knowledgable forum...
  10. L

    Med discharge due to Lymes Disease

    Just been med discharged after 19 years service due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome caused by Lymes Disease - contracted via tick bite whilst doing Unit PT in the woods in Germany. Has anyone else had similar experience and/or claimed through the AFCS?
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    Hello everyone, I’m new on here but found some threads interesting and was hoping someone could help. I suffer from depression as a result of HERRICK. I claimed on AFCS and was awarded level 13. I have appealed that and I am waiting for an appeal date etc. I saw from somewhere on ere about...
  12. Muddy_Tankie

    Advice on AFCS Appeal

    Veterans UK "help" and AFCS issues Looking for someadvice on AFCS appeal please... Was diagnosed with PTSD in 2011 as a result of Ops on TELIC and HERRICK, but mainly, as a result, of a particularly shitty tour on HERRICK where we were regularly QRF throughout various AOs. Received treatment...
  13. K

    AFCS Interim Review, decision waiting for managers approval!!!

    Hi All, to cut story short>>>> I was injured in Afghanistan and sustained injuries. I was diagnosed with severe PTSD, getting disability benefit and about to undergo another surgery. My 2 year interim review is at its closing stages. I spoke to SPVA and I was told my case worker that a decision...
  14. mrwatto

    Incompetent AFCS

    I am looking for some advice on my current AFCS ongoing claim. I injured by back re-supplying troops with ECM in Helmand as a CQMS in October 2010 and was discharged in Aug 2015, after 2 failed micro-discectomy's in my lower back and an L4/5 fusion. After my first operation I was expected to...
  15. Horace_Rawlplug

    AFCS claim & shite spam emails

    I bunged in a AFCS claim a few months ago for an injury I got a while ago. Not heard anything back since I got the confirmation of receipt about 3 ago. Anyway - for the last 6 weeks or so I have been getting about dozen emails a day about various services people who may have an injury might be...
  16. Irwin Mitchell

    Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS)

    What is it? The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) is a no fault Government scheme providing compensation for injuries caused wholly or in part by service or which are made worse by service on or after 6 April 2005. The scheme does not distinguish between injuries suffered on operations...
  17. Fez

    Winning an AFCS & GIPs

    Hi. 6 weeks ago I won my AFCS tribunal at the 3rd attempt (it got adjourned twice because the SPVA lacked evidence). My award was upgraded from a Level 13 to a Level 11 injury. I latter learned via my RBL rep that I am now entitled to a GIP. I did not even know what one was until I googled it...
  18. O

    Medical discharge from University Officer Training Corps

    Hello, long term browser and new user of the site here for some help (hopefully!). I was a member of the UOTC and an Army undergraduate bursar during my time at university. I injured my left ankle in 2013 on exercise on a reserve course at Sandhurst. I was hospitalised and x-rayed, but didn't...
  19. T

    AFCS - Hearing Loss 50db (R) 50db(L)

  20. W

    AFCS interim, likely outcome?

    I've been awarded a level 13 interim award and it will be reviewed in a year. I go to Med board next week with a strong inclination I will be P8. From experience, does anyone have an idea if interim payments normally go up or stay the same? (I know it's a bit of a generalisation). Thanks.
  21. Bad CO

    Life After Service For Injured Personnel

    We've just received an interesting report based on a survey of 809 former service personnel who left following an injury incurred during service. Highlights: Majority of injuries not incurred on active service - not sure I find that really surprising but I guess most people would Majority of...