1. C

    junior course transfer?

    I'm currently doing phase 1 training in afc harrogate and I have asked for cap badge change from PWRR to ammo tec. I'm currently doing the long course but I'm wondering is it possible if my cap badge change gets accepted am I able to transfer into the short course.
  2. Povey

    Instruments at AFC Harrogate

    Hello, just a quick question. Does anyone know if I can bring my guitar to Harrogate? Cheers, Dan.
  3. A

    Parachute regiment

    So I'm hoping to join the parachute regiment at 16 and my application goes in on the 30th. I've been doing a lot of research and everyone says you must prepare mentally to pass, but never say how? Any tips on what I should do, or how I should go about it?
  4. Dannyy.simo

    Urgent!! Fracture before training

    Basically I've passed my selection and everything, and I'm just waiting to go to Harrogate on 25th September, but about 3 weeks back almost a month I fractured my foot nothing serious and it should be healed fully ten days before start date, but should I ring them up to tell them or just leave...