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  1. M

    Application to AFC Harrogate

    Hello, I am currently a student at college, however I have had a passion since a young age to join the army, specifically the REME. I would have liked to have gone straight to AFC Harrogate, however due to some issues at home I could not continue with my application. My fear now is that I am...
  2. R

    Is Attending AFC Harrogate worth it or should i attend college?

    I’m just about to turn 16 this august and planning on going to Harrogate to join the Royal Medical Corps but i was wondering if it’s worth joining at the age? I’m just scared that when i do leave the army i won’t have any good qualifications to get a decent paying job on civvie street but i...
  3. J

    Does afc Harrogate prepare you

    Hi I was just wondering if anybody knows how much Harrogate will prepare you for paras I am going Harrogate in March and wanting to go into paras but I have heard a lot of people say it’s to easy and it won’t prepare you for phase 2 I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the training...
  4. S

    Medical appeal

    Hi all, I recently applied for AFC but got rejected due to a medical reasons, I had put on the medical questionnaire that I had aspergers (I am not) so I sent an appeal with medical proof saying that I do not have aspergers. I had a response from them on 13/01/2021 saying they're looking at my...
  5. X

    HELP !!!

    I join the British Army in 5 days, and I’m scared that my fitness level isn’t high enough. I run 3 days a week, having an 8minute avg mile time. Is that okay as a starting point or am I totally screwed ?
  6. J

    Finger tat

    I’m going to Harrogate in October this year but between selection and my leaving date I got a tattoo. It’s tiny and on the inside of my middle finger. It’s 3 in Roman numerals so not offensive in anyway and is easily hidden when my hand is closed. Will I still be allowed to stay in? Thanks.
  7. B

    I just need closure

    Hello all, This is my first post. and I am just writing this really to confirm something so it doesn't eat away at me. So I have an Assessment center date booked for the 24th-25th of September and I am looking to be going to AFC Harrogate October 3rd I am just wondering if this will still be...
  8. J


  9. L

    Passing out parade

    When your passing out on your parade what do you do with the suits do you take them home to wash or do you leave them?
  10. L

    AFC Harrogate

    Hello I might be joining AFC Harrogate in September I just need my GP to give the army the ok. Can people please tell me what it is like and give me an overview of how it is?
  11. YoungJulius

    Infantry officer to REME officer? / train to be an officer in REME?

    Hi all, my first thread on here so excuse my lack of knowledge. I recently had a talk with a corporal in the army (through the cadets) and got to ask many questions, which kind of cemented my want to join the army. I initially wanted to join as an officer straight out of college but then I...
  12. Povey

    Job Dilemma

    Hello, I'm am about to go to Harrogate but didn't get a say in my job choice as there was only one place left, in the artillery. (I did this to get my foot in the door as I didn't want to enter adult training at 17.) I want to do a mechanical job because that's what interests me but I also...
  13. Povey

    Instruments at AFC Harrogate

    Hello, just a quick question. Does anyone know if I can bring my guitar to Harrogate? Cheers, Dan.
  14. C


    Can I send a letter to a junior soldier at AFC Harrogate? Its so much more personal and something to always keep. If i can, how do I go about doing this??? Cheers
  15. XxRY4NxX2025

    Junior Paras fitness guide?

    Ok, this is my first post so sorry if it is written dodgy. I am 14, and plan to join the paras, going to AFC Harrogate in September 2021. I know that is still quite a while, but I’d rather be ready for it. I exercise regularly anyway, and love running and fitness in general, but I want to know...
  16. The_Unstoppable

    AFC Harrogate Swimming

    During AFC Harrogate, how important is being able to swim? Additionally, is a backstroke acceptable?
  17. J

    Officer commission without A Levels or UCAS points (Soldier entry to Sandhurst)

    Although the Army has been very helpful in attempting to give me an answer, I’m still not entirely certain. I’ve always wanted to join the Army since I was a child, there was always a feeling I had to become a soldier to see what I’m capable of. However, obviously, as I got older it became much...
  18. d3adp1zzab0y

    Tattoos At AFC Harrogate

    hello, I am currently at school doing GCSEs and have already sent in my application for Harrogate. i'm waiting to hear back about my interview and selection day but have a question about tattoos. I love tattoos, and i've wanted them since i was really young. Last year i thought "what's the...
  19. 1

    Bmi over limit at phase 1??

    Hi I'm 16 and set to start at Harrogate for the long course on the 1st of October. I recently weighed myself and realised that I will be over the limit of 27 and won't have enough time to loose enough weight before I start. The reason I put on weight is that I let myself go a bit as it was my...
  20. theadamsfamily._sufc

    How successful is a deferral appeal for not attending selection?

    New to this forum so sorry if I do anything wrong but here goes: I went to army selection a few months back in Pirbright, with hopes of going to AFC Harrogate in September for an infantry role. I made it through all of selection and I got to the interview, my overall result was I got deferred...
  21. JackBlk

    If I fail my GCSE's can I retake them at Harrogate or do I have to do them at school.

    Im 16 and currently doing my GCSE's. At the moment you need a minimum of a C in English and Maths or you have to redo them. If I fail them will I be able to retake at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate?
  22. Lizzerd

    Help with DAOR / LEAVE AS UNHAPPY Soilder

    Hello I'm currently at AFC Harrogate and I wish to DAOR but I dont ive been told about leave as an unhappy soilder I'm not sure the difference between the two is and if they have any effect on me joining later on in life ? Any help would be a great help
  23. Dannyy.simo

    Urgent!! Fracture before training

    Basically I've passed my selection and everything, and I'm just waiting to go to Harrogate on 25th September, but about 3 weeks back almost a month I fractured my foot nothing serious and it should be healed fully ten days before start date, but should I ring them up to tell them or just leave...
  24. K

    Does anyone know how long the phase 2 training is for a junior entry joining as a tank crewman?

    I am hopefully joining afc harogate to be a tank crewmen, I am doing my assesment at purbrite soon and I have looked everywhere for how long the phase 2 training is and I can't find it does anyone know how long it is?
  25. G

    Rifles waiting list

    I've heard about the rifles having a big waiting list, can someone explain this to me. Also, why have u never heard of rifles JS at Harrogate. Appreciated help
  26. Skr.69

    RA or RE Junior Entry

    Im currently in my applicaton process for the army, its something ive been wanting to do all my life and my interview to go to AFC Harrogate is next week. However, i cannot decide between joining the Royal Engineers or the Royal Artillery. Im aware if i go down the RA route i will have to do a...