1. Z

    Joining REME straight from university

    So I’ve just graduated from university in motorsport technology which was basically engineering but I did a couple of electronic based modules. I achieved a 2.2 with 59.8% which the university wouldn’t round up for ridiculous reasons and this has essentially meant I don’t even make it past the...
  2. Tappet

    Small “Factory Custom” Bikes

    Hi all, My bonus from work should be coming through soon. Rather than do something foolish and wasteful, like overpay the mortgage or put into savings, I though I’d invest it into buying a small-engined motorcycle to commute into work on (I live in SW London, work in E London - it’ll be...
  3. Asmod

    Infantry or Armoured Engineers

    Hello, So I have been looking into the army, aside from the fact that i have always been drawn to it, I'm sick of civvie life. I am immediately drawn to the infantry as I like the whole "purest form of soldiering" aspect. I love risks and doing anything that gets the adrenaline pumping, also...
  4. A

    Should I leave halfway through training?

    I'm am currently 6 months into AFC Harrogate and I'm starting to consider whether joining the army was the best thing to do. I am currently aspiring to join the rifles but I've met a lot of servicemen that have told me to think twice about joining the army as this really is not what it seems...
  5. GrumpyWasTooCheerful

    Retiring soon, suggestions/advice please.

    Eyes in. All being well, my retirement from teaching will activate this October next. I want to bugger off somewhere, on my own, for a couple of weeks. My budget will be £3 - 4K. I was thinking of: * horse trekking or a dude ranch * train trip across the Rockies * safari * free fall camp...
  6. Kevj3241

    ADSC Glencorse Experience

    I have just completed my ADSC 2-day assessment at Glencorse and thought it may benefit some recruits to find out a little about the experience. Don't worry I won't be giving any secrets away, but it does offer a little insight to the Assessment Centre. 13-07-2017 (Day 1): Day 1 of my Army...
  7. A

    How many carry bags for Phase 1A

    Hi all, will be doing my consolidate Phase 1A reserve training soon. Including my Bergen and black kit bag, are we allowed to take another carry bag to put all of our other necessary equipment (sanitary stuff etc) in or am I supposed to somehow find space for this in my issued bags? thanks...
  8. dun_n_dusted

    Need some advice

    Do you think we're all doctors on here? Go and see one.
  9. R

    Police or Army Dilemma

    Hi everyone, I'm an 18yr old who has already applied to the police and have been given my selection date, however I have also applied to the Army (but haven't done the BARB test). Police work has always interested me and I thought that the Met was quite a lucrative job choice; with many...
  10. L

    para hopeful at 23

    hi guys, new to this forum however...i am currently 23, will be 24 and half before I am fit enough to submit an application with the paras (don't want to waste there time and mine if not fit enough at the moment). I knows there's a few old threads knocking around but its hard to actually see how...
  11. TeamBox

    Joining the Royal Signals

    Hi I am looking to join the Army in the Royal Signals I am looking at Signals Installation Technician or communication systems operator role I was just after a bit of advice, I was just wondering, is this a role where I would be in combat? or is it more of a role where I would be at base most...
  12. BarcelonaAnalPark

    Incompetency Based Interview Questions

    Competency based questions are the bane of every job searcher's life. You know and the interviewer knows whether you can do the job but you still have to go through the process of answering bone questions which usually ends up with someone else getting the job. I'm considering a new concept in...
  13. P

    Can i do more?

    Hi Guys, I was deferred for asthma treatment 4 years ago and am now eligible again, I have let myself go massively (fitness wise) as I kind of went off the army and just went to work on civvi street. I did a fitness test which was abysmal: 13:34 - 1.5 mile 14 - Press Ups (2 Min) 34 - Sit ups...
  14. M


    I am an 18 year old lad who has just gained a qualification in engineering at college. Seeking no bullshit as I've pretty much had it with my local AFCO trying to sway me into overly vacant roles and not focusing on my personal priorities. Advice from a careers advisor or a very well...