1. T

    The ACF CFAV Training Handbook

    Hi, I'm a cadet L/Cpl in the ACF and am aspiring to reach a high rank before i leave. I have recently started to teach junior cadets lessons and thought that it would be extremely handy to have the training manual itself so i can get to grips with detailed explanations and techniques before i...
  2. Solitaire97


    What do I need to know? I have decided to change direction and have joined the ACF as CFAV or PI. I am currently in the OTC but after 3yrs have decided that I am no longer getting anything from it and frankly, I’ve wasted at least a year due to unfortunately being part of one of the lowest...
  3. B

    Looking after a hackle

    I'm under the royal Welsh and they just gave us a hackle then that's it. They never said how to wear it or look after it can d someone fill the void.
  4. R

    Acf training manual

    does anyone have a recent copy of the acf drill manual?
  5. M

    Personal Role Radios On Patrol

    Just found out that we are going to have PRR's on our ex this week just wondering how many other Detachments have PRR's on their exercises?
  6. G

    What should i do to improve my osprey webbing?

    I have one of these, the straps ain't amazing but they'll do (it's only for cadets). I have four double mag pouches a med pouch and two utility pouches. Is there anything I should do to improve it i have a clip belt to secure it. Should i just replace it with jay jays or Dixie's
  7. G

    New boots won't shine

    I got a new pair of altberg defenders and I've also got leader Gris mod brown. No matter how much I polish them they won't shine or at least look smart. I need this squaring away before next Thursday as we have a st David's day parade with HM the Queen.
  8. G

    What is a lord lieutenant?

    I've heard all these rumours around of the lord lieutenant appointment but I havent heard how its earned and what it's earned for.
  9. A&SH_RTR

    RTR Tank Crew Badge?

    Hi All, Just wondered if I could get some guidance? I'm in the ACF and affiliated with the RTR. I was given a Tank Crew Badge and wondered if I am allowed to sew it on to my blanking plate? I have read the dress regs but it doesn't really clarify so if anyone has any help other than quoting the...
  10. M

    Help, new lance jack

    Basically, I used to be a little shit in cadets but then sometime I pulled my socks up and soon became a lance, however, people don't take my little authority seriously and I get the feeling that it's something to do with a previous CDT. Me Can someone give me a hand on how to get people to...
  11. M

    I'm a newly from csm, what about parade voice?

    I'm a newly promoted csm, I wont be for long as I'm entering Harrogate, I've been told that on parades, to have a distinctive voice to use on parades. What should I do to 'shape' my voice I'm not into that company shah shite but I have a loud voice, I want it to be loud but have thunder in it...
  12. D

    Reinstate commission

    A friend resigned from the ACF in May 2014 as a 2 Lt. He had held the commission for over a year but left due to family reasons. He now has time and wants to return. Can anyone confirm or advise on whether he can return as a 2 Lt with various trg to bring his currency up to speed, or would he...
  13. minger

    Anti army??

    Hi all, I'm involved in setting up a CCF in a secondary school. I have run into a lot of resistance from staff who seem to think I'm creating a new hitler youth. Have you any advice/counter arguments in favour of the benefit to school kids by participating in the CCF? I'm just curious to hear...
  14. J

    Rejoining the ranks?

    Currently I am in my second year of probation as a 2Lt. I commissioned to do more for my cadets at Det and Coy level, oh how wrong was I. Since commissioning I hardly teach and haven't enjoyed cadets remotely. Recently I took over a Det and have been exposed to more bulls%#t than ever and...