1. K

    So in basic training and u receiving £15,900+/year, does it include accommodation,tax and food or it has already been subtracted and it's left £15,000

    If you are in basic training and you are receiving £15,900+ per year, does it include accommodation, tax and food or it has already been subtracted and it's the left with £15,000
  2. C

    Transit accommodation on permanent basis

    Gents, Been posted to a new Barracks, and been lumped in a "transit" block, where Ive been told I could be for up to 5 years. Not normally one to kick off about accom conditions (it is what it is) but I've been told because it's a 'transit' block, im not allowed to bring my dog, and been told...
  3. B

    Blandford accommodation

    Hi, just passed out of basic training at pirbright and I am due to start phase 2 within the next couple of weeks. Just wondering if anybody knows what accommodation is like down at Blandford as we were unable to do our phase two visit due to covid.
  4. C


    Is it possible to stay off camp a couple of nights a week, providing your there for work the next day ?
  5. JNM

    Accommodation questions during training

    Due to start basic in Feb and I know what P1 accommodation will be but phase 2 info and beyond is a bit harder to find. Is there any change from P1 to P2 accommodation or is it basically the same? Also I’m going into REME, when you’re attached somewhere do you go into the same place as...
  6. C

    Military Housing

    i want to live off camp after phase 2 and I am unsure how close I would have to live to my posting if I owned my own private property. I am joking the RMP and hoping to be posted to catterick
  7. Giffen

    Single Living Accomodation?

    Hey. I go to catterick on 26.02.17 and I'm wondering if I'd be able to apply/ask for a single room? (I don't mind sharing) it's just because I have a relationship and 2 kids.... and in my own time like to Videochat with them etc? Plus the comfort of my own room anyway? Is that possible or
  8. JNCO

    Accommodation charge

    Looking for some advise here. I currently live in my own house and receive HTD as i do not need any accommodation. However, the Regt is due to move within the next few months and i will be forced to move back into the block. So my question is this, as it is that army's choice to move me away...