1. B

    Some old marksmanship / shooting competition docs (pic heavy)

    The 'potential replacement for the SA80' thread and associated comments about marksmanship training / competition shooting tickled some old memories about some stuff I have squirrelled away from previous generations. I've dug it out as it might be of interest in terms of memories for the old...
  2. WGR

    No.4 butt plates. Brass, steel, aluminium,

    We have a Fazakerley made No.4 Mk.1 in the shop dated 5/1944. It's in fabulous condition, practically unfired, lovely bore, hardly a mark to the finish and I don't think it's been FTR'd. What a shame somebody put it in an ATI plastic stock and chucked all the woodwork. :( Anyway, we're putting...