1. thegimp

    2018 New Years resolutions

    some **** bucket had to start it, may as well be me. 1. Stop ******* drinking 2. Keep the vegetarian clean eating going 3. **** some hippy dippy surf chicks/yoga princesses 20 years younger than me 4. Motivate to go back to work after six months loafing 5. Be more practically active in politics...
  2. M

    MAT/Group Discussion/Interview advice Jan 18 AOSB Briefing?

    Hi everyone, I am planning to go for AOSB Briefing in January 18, please do let me know if anyone is attending AOSB in the same month. Also, I am seeking advice on MAT, Group Discussion, and Interview. What is the best way to prepare for MAT and Group Discussion? Is it only the current affairs...
  3. 1

    Pre-Employment Checks

    As I have not found any up to date info I thought I'd ask the question for recruits starting the application procress. What doe's the pre-employment checks involve? Thus far I have received a notification from gov.scot that an application about me has been made and delivered. Also, how long...