1. 1

    Pre-Employment Checks

    As I have not found any up to date info I thought I'd ask the question for recruits starting the application procress. What doe's the pre-employment checks involve? Thus far I have received a notification from gov.scot that an application about me has been made and delivered. Also, how long...
  2. GrumpyWasTooCheerful

    Photo Contest: Wiki Commons: We Love UK Monuments

    Welcome - Wiki Loves Monuments UK Worth a go. The main cash prizes, sponsored by Wikimedia UK : Best image (1st prize) – £250 Best image (2nd prize) – £100 Best image (3rd prize) – £50 Up to 7 other Highly Commended images – £25 The jury: Andy Chopping, Head of Photography at Museum of...
  3. D

    Assessment Centre, Litchfield, 12th July 2017

    Hey everyone, I'm at Litchfield on the 12th of this month for my assesment centre, if anyone else is message me, it'll be good to know someone before I get there haha!
  4. dannytreb93

    Pirbright selection dates 2017

    Hey guys.. Anyone at Pirbright for selection 26th - 28th April?
  5. RoyalGreenJacket

    Terror attacks in Europe in 2017

    let's see who get's the ball rolling.... Happy New Year - see you on the other side.
  6. thegimp

    Arrse Astrology Almanac. World predictions for 2017

    Normally someone posts a thread like this. Can't jarrod one so here it is WHAT THE ACTUAL **** WILL HAPPEN PREDICTIONS FOR 2017 If you want to be really smart, put the month it'll happen in Does are have its own Russell Grant? Is Paul the Octopus a poster? if its already been done, suck...