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Marc Elsberg
ARRSE Rating
4.5 Mushroom Heads
Welcome to the Freemee lifestyle app: They can give you confidence, power, fame and all the friends in the world.

But what will they take in return?

For fans of BLACK MIRROR and Dave Eggers’ THE CIRCLE.

When a teenager is shot dead after chasing a criminal in the street, investigating journalist Cynthia Bonsant is led to the popular social media platform Freemee, a competitor to Facebook whose lifestyle app claims to give you everything you need to succeed in life.

But there is someone who warns against its evils: Zero, the world’s most-wanted activist, known for exposing the toxic truths behind social media giants and their pursuit of total control.

As Cynthia gets closer to unraveling the evil mastermind behind the Freemee site, she herself becomes a target. But in this world of hidden cameras, data glasses and hyper-smart phones there is nowhere to hide . . .

Wow a superb thriller in the style of science faction a real page turner and whats more interesting / frightening is that the technology used in this powerful story actually exists today! Remember the stories of the data companies guiding the vote to elect Trump or the same allegations around the Brexit vote ?

We have the tools of the chase being software and hardwear in the form of Smart-specs which are freely available today at around $1,000; it won't be long before we are all using and wearing them. If you have seen the Bourne series or Enemy of the State you will be familiar with this plot. That said it's a great read which I found it hard to put down and that included when I was reading it on the throne when my family thought that I had left home! Highly recommend it a both a thriller and a hi tech guide; just have google by you as you read ..... they could be controlling you now. As a print journalist and a digital reviewer I can verify the power of crowd control, just why is big brother and Love Island in everyone's minds ? Its certainly not for the quality and just how do catchphrases sweep through the nation? They quote the story of a business which placed stuck on plastic flies in the men's urinals and it halved the cost of cleaning that's MORE than mind control . buy this book now , look into my eyes ... buy this book now .

Four and a half mushrooms .

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