WWII AFV Plans - British Armoured Fighting Vehicles

WWII AFV Plans - British Armoured Fighting Vehicles

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About George Bradford: Pseudonym of anarchist David Watson.. George Bradford is the author of World War II AFV Plans for American, German Early War, Other Axis and Allied, German Late War and Russian Armoured Fighting Vehicles. Other published titles include; AFVs from conception to present, 50 famous tanks, Cold War AFVs, Thomas Plunkett of the 95th Rifles, Rommel's Afrika Korps, plus a number of titles involving urban survival.

This is a nice little 94-page book containing scale plans for all British Armoured Fighting Vehicles from the Carden-Lloyd Carrier to the Centurion Mk1. (66 vehicles in all). Over 40 of these plans are in 1/35 scale with 20 in 1/48 scale and the remainder in 1/72 scale. Bradford has thoughtfully included a reducing and enlarging table for those of us without the ability to resize plans ourselves. As well as nearly thirty black and white photos, Bradford has included little pockets of information regarding various vehicles. There is a pictorial glossary of basic tank components and a second scale table.

I'm impressed with the amount of vehicles covered by this book and I can see it's usefulness to the scratchbuilder or model-conversion maker; I do, however, think that there is insufficient detail for those of us wanting to build something more accurate. Close up detailing of tracks and wheels would be helpful as would more hatch detail. Scale plans are great but measurements are useful plus angles and diameters. perhaps I'm being picky, but if the title includes the word "plans" you expect a bit more than a scaled line drawing.

A useful book, but by no means exhaustive.

Rating: A disappointing 3 out of 5


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