Wingate's Men. The Chindit Operations:Special Forces in Burma

Wingate's Men. The Chindit Operations:Special Forces in Burma

Colin Higgs
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This book is part of the Images of War collection from Frontline books.

I am not sure that Chindits were Special Forces as such, although they did perform a series of long range penetration raids into Japanese held territory, they were a collection of British, Ghurkha, India, Nigerian and Commonwealth troops who were available at the time.

The author has a personal connection as his father was a Chindit and unsurprisingly this is what has sparked his interest in this topic.

The first part of the book is a pen picture written in 1946 for the Central Office of Information; although written some time ago it does not seem dated and gives a good idea of the tasks accomplished by Wingate and his men.

Thereafter follows the main focus of the book, the photographs, a good selection are shown, well titled and informed. Where possible individuals are identified by name rank and Regiment. They are set out in a logical manner and cover most aspects of the Chindit campaign.

There is perhaps an emphasis on pre deployment and evacuation by air, but that is where most images will be available from. What is also good is that you can see series of images, the same scene shot from different angles, whilst this may seem repetitive it gives a different viewpoint and therefore different details can be observed.

The quality of the photographs is good and they all appear nice and sharp in focus.

Overall a good and interesting book although all images are black and white this does not detract from their quality.

Would make a nice present for anybody interested in the Chindit campaign or a resource for a modeller.

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