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Wicked Game

Matt JohnsonI lo
My goodness, do you you ever read a book and feel disappointed when you finished? I'm disappointed now because I didn't want the book to end, and now I don't know what to read next!

I'm not sure anything can beat this book for shear excitement from the moment you read the introduction which quite literally gives the reader an explosive start you are well and truly drawn in to a very fast moving novel which is based upon IRA terrorism and Middle Eastern terrorism going head to head with retired SAS members and the might of of the Met Police anti terrorism team.

The book is full of memorable characters that come alive, not least the main character, Robert Finlay who is an ex SAS Captain and who is now an inspector in The Met. The book tells of Finlay whilst he was serving in Ireland, of course I'm not saying anything else about this episode.

It tells you of his career in the police, and having served in the Met myself the writing is very real, it took me back in time, getting ready for night shifts and that horrible feeling around 8.30 at night when you had to drag yourself out of the armchair go get ready for work, nasty!

The job the author described as duty officer at Stoke Newington that Finlay was posted to read very well, and so it should as the author is an ex police officer and soldier.

I loved the fast moving action in this book, the way all the characters were introduced, the affair that the commander of the anti terrorist branch was having with a younger female detective, my god the job was renowned for coppers having affairs, and this made me think, hey up this chap knows what he's writing.

I'm not going into detail but I will say this book is full of explosive action, it's also believable. Finlay and another ex SAS soldier and serving police officer find themselves fighting for their lives, but who is behind the terrorist cell which has killed several officers on the streets of London?

I could say a lot more it has twists and turns and this book which is 390 pages long is worth every penny of the £8.99 cover price.

It's hard to believe that this is the authors first novel and I am looking forward to reading his second book.

If you like a fast moving story which is full of mayhem and action, and which has a sprinkling of humour as well then this is for you, some books you have to concentrate on for fear of losing the plot. Not this one it reads like you are watching a film, it really was a great enjoyable read and well worth five mushroom heads. Honestly buy this or get to the library! If it's not there ask them to order it! I promise you, you will not be disappointed, well not until you've finished reading that is!

Oh I almost forgot, THE BALCONY is mentioned, yes, THAT balcony!
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