West End Theatre - Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

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    Rather against the run of play, I got tickets for a West End production. (ow,ow,ow! cripes no pockets in a shroud)

    Cat on A Hot Tin Roof - Apollo theatre,Shaftesbury Ave.
    24th July - 7th October

    West End Review: ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ With Sienna Miller

    Sienna Miller smoulders her way through the Tennessee Williams revival with an unwavering Southern gal accent. As fast-fading rose Maggie she did not quite overcome memories of Elizabeth Taylor in the same role,opposite a young Paul Newman. But she is just a tad too whip thin and gym honed for the role physically to my untutored eye.

    As her hard drinking no-account husband Brick, Jack O'Connell gives the ladies in the stalls the benefit of his chiselled butt for much of the play. His Memphis accent could do with a little down home time.

    Colm Meaney makes a fine fist of the Burl Ives role as the old silverback male,Big Daddy.

    The set resembles a giant biscuit tin and the action is confined to the brawling couple' s bedroom,with noises off suggesting a brooding Delta thunderstorm.

    I do not remember the homoerotic leitmotiv being quite so central to the Taylor/Newman version but heck -its been a long time since then. Three Mr Mushroom heads .
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