Wespe Models - Resin models

Wespe Models - Resin models

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Wespe Models - Resin vehicles in multi-scales.

Wespe Models is a Romanian company that produces high-quality model cars and trucks and strives to come up with a wide variety of identical models of those cars and trucks. Using mostly resin as its raw material, Wespe produce complete model car kits, or painted and assembled model cars. Wespe offer kits RTF (ready to fit). This means that all pieces are cleaned from production burr. It only remains to paint and fit, or if already pre-painted, it is only a question of fitting the pieces together like Lego bricks.

Wespe work from prototypes, making minimal, or no changes. Their expertise and area of specialization varies from the rare, collectible vintage and classic cars, to scale model trucks. In addition to producing scale model cars and scale model kits, thecompany also does prototyping, molding, assembly and even painting. For ready mounted and painted models Wespe offer by demand different colors and even modifications in design.

Wespe Models are usually available in 1/35, 1/32, 1/48 1/72 and 1/76 scales. most kits arrive in white cardboard boxes with just a photo of the completed kit on. Instructions are usually a single A4 sheet with occasional hand-drawn images and poor quality photos. Instructions aren't brilliant and researching the subject is a must!

The models arrive in a pale cream/yellow colour, allegedly "ready to paint".They're not! As with all resin kits, it is essential to wash all parts with a mild detergent solution, prior to priming and painting. Glueing should be done with either cyano-acrylate (superglue) or an epoxy glue like Araldite.

Wespe Models are not heavy on details but come out at a reasonable price. If you buy a model Leyland Truck, you get, effectively, a basic truck shape, no engine, you do get all the necessary but very few of the nice bits unless you go the aftermarket route. All that being said, Wespe do produce some cracking models of some of the lesser produced vehicles of WW2. As far as I know, Wespe only produce cars and trucks and the occasional armoured car. There are a couple of cranes in the catalogue, but nothing mind-blowing.

The kits do assemble quite well with only minimal test fitting. One thing with Wespe Models is the lack of flash or release pin marks, quite a refreshing change. There are however, a few problems with sink-holes on some of the larger parts. Yes, I know, fill them, but it's not what you want to be doing. You do not get any decals with the kits, but that isn't too much of a hassle for most of us. As usual, there are no figures with the kits, but again, this is a budget model, £30.00 - £40.00 for a resin truck! Not bad really.

I have made eight or nine models by Wespe and have had good results. The trick to the kits is what else you add to them. I would recommend them to experienced model-maker's, but don't expect miracles with them.

Overall, I would rate them at about two out of five.


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