Warrior Predator 45L Tactical backpack

Warrior Predator 45L Tactical backpack

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Another day, another review of some kit. This time it's backpacks, because who doesn't love carrying a crapton of weight on your back as you slowly erode your spinal column, knack your knees from trying to get up from the kneeling position, and slip more discs than an 80's DJ?


The Warrior Predator Multicam backpack, supplied by UK Tactical. As per SOP we've gone down the video route, and we're really very keen to wean people over to the video side of things for a variety of reasons.

So pop on to YouTube, have a gander, maybe subscribe to the ARRSE Channel and generally just get your knickers moist as you listen to me.

However, as some of you were in the army when Centurion was a rank, not a tank (Ah the old ones are the best!) and such technology was alien to you, for a quick overview, stand by.

The Warrior Predator Multicam is another example of how a bag can be so much more than a bag, thanks to the introduction of Molle straps. Honestly, you wonder how we survived with zip on rocket pouches back in t'day. There's plenty of customisation options with this bag, as long as you've got the pouches to go with it. Inside, it has a central split board which can be pouched up.
This means you can turn it into an ammo carrier, a med bag, whatever you need it to be. Of course, UK Tactical also punt the Warrior line of pouches meaning you've got a one-stop shop for everything you need to trick it out.

In terms of support, the backing is very well designed with padded lumbar support which really does make a difference with weight distribution and general comfort. It also has a central midriff belt that can be removed completely, again offering extra support options.

As I said though, this is an overview. Really, go check out the video to get a good look at the bag. My only gib, is that at £149.50 it's an expensive bag, but there's some decent machining on here that'll see it last you through. I would probably have liked to have seen it around thirty quid less, but hey-ho.

Check the video!

You can find out more about the bag and purchase options from the UK Tactical website where it currently retails as of 11/10/2017 for £149.50 and there are also other colours available for the Warrior Predator multicam here
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