Visiting the Normandy invasion beaches and battlefields

Visiting the Normandy invasion beaches and battlefields

Gareth Hughes
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5 Mushroom Heads
I love this book. Having spent some time on the beaches of Normandy, visiting the museums, battlefield sites and memorials as well as poignant visits to the war cemeteries, D-Day is an area of interest of mine; although I am far from an expert. This book is designed around helping you to run an organised battlefield tour (or staff ride) with two main tours: 1. Focussing on American Operations and 2. Focussing on British and Canadian Operations.

The book starts with a well written brief history of the Second World War, and then an overview of D-Day and Normandy. It then breaks down the two tours. Each Itinerary is contains selected locations and then context, orientation, a narrative and activities. Each location is also brought to life with various pictures and maps.

This is perfect for anyone with an interest in D-Day who wishes to visit Normandy. It is informative for an enthusiastic amateur, like me, but would elevate any group leader or teacher to a Professor of History level of authority.

It is not a casual read as the text is detailed and requires some concentration.

Highly recommended.

Publisher: Pen and Sword Military
Publication date: 2019
Pages: 174I ISBN 9781473854321

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