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Victorinox Soldier's Knife

Victorinox knives are better known as Swiss Army Knives and this one is a beauty. In the good old days I suppose you’d have called a knife like this a penknife but it probably better to be called a pocket knife. This version’s called a Soldier’s knife and as such is not their usual red casing but a dark green.

Because of this it looks the part, which is my opinion is always a good start! It has 6 ”blades” of various designs. Neither are the blades the traditional shiny metal but are supplied blackened and well oiled. I didn’t see this feature elsewhere on the internet but this version from those lovely folk at RVOps definitely is blackened blades.

The main blade is 80mm long, the 25mm nearest the handle being smooth whilst the 55mm towards the point are serrated. It has a locking mechanism inside the handle comprising of a lengthways sprung piece. The blade is easily opened due to the incorporation of a hole into the handle end of the blade. This hole also allows for single handed opening with your thumb, useful when you suddenly realise you’ve got to cut something and don’t want to put it down. The other long blade on the knife is the saw blade. This is a double row of sharp teeth that went through 2 inch branches of fresh pines quickly and easily (clearing a camp site).

The other four blades are smaller ones, two on the same side as the blade and saw and two on the reverse. You have the usual small screw driver/can opener on one and bottle opener/larger screw driver/wire stripper on the other. The bottle opener is locked opened by the other end of the main blade spring.

On the reverse, at 90 degrees, is the Phillips screw driver and the reamer/hole punch. All are fairly standard Swiss Army Knives blades. The reamer is particularly sharp.

The handle is covered in a dark green plastic material with some black detailing to increase grip at either end. The handle is shaped with a nice double curve, which makes for a good grip when using the main blade, however when using the saw, I found that the shape of the main blade with its bump on the back on the blade, meant that it was not as comfortable in my hand, but still far better than a more normal flat sided knife.

There’s a wee split ring at the end of the handle to attach whatever you like to it. I’ll probably put a length of bright ribbon, as if you’re out and about and using this in woods the putting it down makes for a couple of minutes looking for it!

The knife has a nice weighty feel about it but at 125g or just over 4 ounces, it isn’t too heavy.

I taken it around with me for a couple of weeks and used it a fair amount and it still looks as good as new, obviously it's hard to tell exactly how long it will remian like that but it appear to be robust, well built and hard wearing.

It does come with an instruction leaflet in case you don’t know that it isn’t a good idea to put your fingers in the middle of the knife as you close it, as well as where to oil it.

I’ve used this round and about on a few camping trips and I’ll be taking it on a lot more. There seemed to be a trend over the past few years for multi-tools over knifes but each to their own, I’ve always preferred a knife and this is now my favourite one.

All in all, it’s a well balanced knife that’s not too heavy, has a good grip and weight, and a nice selection of blades.
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