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Vehicle Art of World War 2 - John Norris.

This is a very simple book that is not quite sure exactly what category it fits into.

There are not enough original pictures to be a good reference book and the text is rather simplistic and less detailed than required to be a serious discussion on the subject matter.

The book does deal with the history of naming military vehicles and weapons before trying to go through the various countries attitudes to their troops' various vehicles.

The book does seem to concentrate on American vehicles as perhaps those were the ones most likely to be decorated with art work.

The book is well illustrated but the vast majority of the pictures seem to be of modern paint jobs on either historic vehicles or those used by re-enactors.

To me, using modern paint jobs of historic vehicles as a source for factual pictures is flawed as a better source would be period photographs of those vehicles in their various theatres.

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I was just left feeling slightly disappointed by this book and as such give it 3 Mr Mushroomheads
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