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Gerald Seymour
ARRSE Rating
4 Mushroom Heads
Danny lives a relatively quiet life on the north coast of France, guiding tourists on battlefield tours, with an unfulfilled romance which appears to be his only problem. But his life has not always been that simple, having previously been a British soldier and then working for MI5 in Northern Ireland. This is introduced in the prologue when he (callsign Vagabond) and his mate, Dusty, had sat in a hide and watched the aftermath of a successful operation before the days of the peace process.

Now Danny’s interesting love life and quiet occupation have been interrupted when his old boss, Bentinick intrudes to call him back to the life he thought he had left behind. It seems that one of those who would see the peace process broken for the benefit of their movement and their own vanity has been trying to form a new cell using younger men. To that end, Malachy Riordan is in contact with a trade smuggler called Ralph Exton who also doubles as a part time agent for the security services and a trip is arranged to the Czech Republic where they are to meet a retired Russian army officer of the old guard, with the intention of buying modern weapons which are to be smuggled back to Northern Ireland.

Bentinick wants to use Danny to prevent this trade but also has his own interest in the matter, one which involves his own family. The result is Danny going off to the Czech Republic but in the company of a fairly new female MI5 officer who is intent on making her name and showing the old guard how things should be done, in preventing the weapons deal and apprehending the terrorist. Needless to say, things do not go quite as planned and considerable violence and intrigue is involved as the plot is played out.

Gerald Seymour has produced another decent book here, delving into the minds (and politics) of those involved as well as providing a fairly tense atmosphere which continues throughout. It is well worth reading even though there are a couple of areas where one can be caught out with the story flipping from one time period to another.
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