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United States Tanks and Tank Destroyers of the Second World War

Michael Green
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United States Tanks & Tank Destroyers of the Second World War
By Michael Green. ISBN: 978-1-52678-747-7. Published by: Pen & Sword Books.

Michael Green is the author of numerous acclaimed books in the images of war series, including; Armoured Warfare in The Vietnam wars, Aircraft Carriers of the US Navy, Battleships of the US Navy, US Navy Submarines 1900-2019, Patton Tank-Cold War Warrior, US Navy Aviation 1911-2014, US Infantry weapons of the Second World War, M1 Abrams Tank, Combat Aircraft of the USAF, Allied tanks of the Second World war, Allied AFVs of the Second World war, Axis tanks of the Second World war, Axis AFVs of WW2, US Military Helicopters, US Airborne Division 1942-2018, US Marine Corps in Vietnam, US Army Armoured Divisions of the Second World war and US Marine Corps in the Korean War.Most recently, he compiled American Artillery from 1775 to the Present Day in a stand-alone format. He lives in the United States.
The United States government only authorized mass production after the Nazis had invade Poland and France. By the end of the war, American companies had built nearly 90,000 tanks and Tank destroyers, more than Germany and Great Britain combined.

The first large order came in May 1940, for 375 vehicles of the M2A4 Light Tank. They were followed by almost 19,000 models of the Stuart Light Tank series, beginning with the M3 and culminating in the M5A1. The Stuart series was supplemented by around 5,000 of the M24 Chaffee Light Tank. There was also the failed M22 Locust Light Tank, designed for airborne forces.

The M4 Sherman series was probably the best known and most numerous with some 50,000 in service with US, British, Soviet and other allied military. It was not until early 1945 that the first heavy tank entered the American arsenal. This would eventually become the M26 Pershing,which was little service in WW2 but was of great service in the Korean Conflict.
Initially, US doctrine was tanks focused on exp!oitation. Tank destroyers were conceived as an economical counter-measure to large scale German armoured offensives. The German Army had proved time and time again, how effective dedicated Tank Destroyers could be in combat. The US military intended initially to use their new Tank destroyers as defensive weapons, but realised very quickly how useful they are in an offensive capacity.These "defensive" armoured fighting vehicles included the M3 - 75mm Half-track Gun Motor Carriage (GMC) and the fully tracked M10, M18 & M36 GMCs.

This well researched and superbly illustrated books describes the technical characteristics of the vehicles from initial design to final production. Green does not pull his punches and shows the design stages, warts and all, highlighting the triumphs and failures. He deals authorarively with each subject and recognises the contribution made to the Allied victory by each of the vehicle he describes.

US Tanks and destroyers.jpg

I thoroughly recommend this book to students of history, model makers and general readers. It is thorough, informative and factual. Black and white photos are supported by 16 colour photos of tanks covered in this book.

I have to mark this one at five out of five, considering it's size, it is comprehensive!


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