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United States Navy Submarines 1900-2019

United States Navy Submarines 1900-2019

Michael Green
ARRSE Rating
3.5 Mushroom Heads
This is one of my favourite types of what I consider coffee table books. You can pick it up, flick to an interesting bit, enjoy the picture, read the explanation and rinse and repeat.

Michael Green starts with a short narrated overview of the development of US submarines and then launches into a pictorial history. For anyone that has an interest in the evolution of boats (focussed on the US Navy) then this is the book for you. It is very evident how the evolution of the submarine design is influenced by technology, in terms of hull design, equipment and weapon systems. It also covers some of, in my opinion, the obtuse ideas that were developed, for example external silos to hold missiles or 'US them'.

A book filled with loads of pictures of sleek, silent deliverers of death, with a few words to bring the background to life. What's not to like?
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