Anthony J. Quinn.
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4 Mushroom Heads
From the opening paragraphs the authors wonderful, descriptive prose sets an all to familiar scene to those of us that have trotted the bogs and borderlands of this divided Country. The author uses his words to paint the sometimes desolate, lonely, but always beautiful setting of this crime fiction novel.

We follow the deliciously named Inspector Celcius Daly as he investigates the death of a Garda Detectives body washed up on the shores of Lough Neagh. The main characters read like the cast list for a patrol briefing on Op Banner. Informers, IRA terrorists, smugglers (usually the same thing), shadowy Special Branch Detectives, and weary Police Officers sometimes struggling to remain impartial, and sometimes not even trying.

If I didn’t know better I would say the main character is loosely based around that stain on humanity Slab Murphy. The cast wander the lanes, loughs, isolated villages, and lonely Police Stations of both Ulster and the Republic as Daly pulls the lid off one can of worms after another. Though the book is part of the authors well established Detective series it stands up perfectly well on its own.

The book cracks on at quite a pace as the bodies stack up, the bottles, empty and Celcius’s sleep pattern becomes microscopic in scale. I will not give too much of the plot away, only to say that there are those on both sides of the border, the Garda, PSNI, and the top, bottom, and middle of the still all powerful terrorist organisations that will stop at nothing to prevent Daly putting a stop to their odious activities.

It’s a great book, the perfect holiday read.
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