Tomorrows VS Yesterdays

Tomorrows VS Yesterdays

Andrew Keen
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Conversations in the defence of the future

At first glance the book would not normally pique my interest, however I found it a very interesting and thought provoking book. The Book Contains the transcripts of 18 Interviews between the Author and a selection of keen and incisive thinkers , all of whom all understand and speak about the ever growing problems and changes with internet technology.

Andrew Keen was one of the first people to warn us of the dangers hiding behind seemingly innocuous websites and software, and the larger powers attempting to manipulate it.

Of course the original conception of the internet was of a vast free to use resource, that would both educate and inform people and allow them to exchange information freely, along with improving and changing their lives for the better. In many ways it has achieved this, but like so many inventions, other dark uses are found, and ways of manipulating it to some one else advantage both financially and politically.

As the interviews state, the most recent one being the election of the President of the United States, President Duterte, and others methods of controlling the people are all debated here, and a great deal of background information that I was not aware of is related, such as how by favouring or liking a particular news item or social commentator, the algorithms, will then change the way you view the web, and narrow down your point of view, thus preventing you seeing the other side of any argument. Supporters of people like Tommy Robinson will be so manipulated and drip fed everything that promotes his views, souring their already tainted minds.

The subject of social networking forums such as Facebook is also discussed in great detail, and how the initial idea of a free and open social network is now manipulated, used as a vast financial resource and a news outlet, with little in the way of checks and balances over the input.

I also had not realised that the initial conception of a world wide web, has been divided and partitioned in so many ways. The Chinese internet, which restricts and manipulates so much of the ingoing and outgoing data, the American internet aka Google, and the dark web.

Not all of the interviewees were familiar to me, but all of them have an incisive mind, and a deep and unbiased perception of their subject matter. For one or two, their lives have been threatened by speaking out and commuting on the political powers using the data for their own evil intent.

For any one interested in computer technology, or any one working in technology in any way contented to government security this book should be a must read. And for the general member of the public, it will open their eyes as to how much media manipulation is going on.

An excellent and thought provoking book.

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